Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It is an exciting time!

Hello students!

This is just a quick little note to tell you about some of the exciting things we have on tap.  Hold onto your hats!

Please note that there are a few new links on the side menu.  Get used to the "Edmodo" one and the "Wiki" one.  We are going to be focussing on those two quite heavily in the near future.

Edmodo is going to help me achieve my environmental goal of trying to use as little paper as possible this year.  So, you will be getting several online assignments in the near future.  I will give you some time to complete these assignments in class, but working on them at home is also a big bonus!  It has a built in calendar and a reminder tool for when your assignments are due.  So, no more excuses about forgetting when assignments are due!  ;-)

The second one that we are going to focus heavily on is our class "wiki".  Essentially what I would like to achieve here is two-fold.  I would like to create a class "online textbook" and I would like for you to create an online "portfolio".  So, let me know whenever you would like to add something to your portfolio.

I can't wait to start these (among others) new undertakings with you!  Let's put our swimming caps on and dive right in!

Mr. B  :-)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Online assignments

Welcome to your first online science and social studies assignment of the year! Here’s hoping everything goes smoothly!

Feel free to use any resource you would like to find the answer! Good luck!

Just click on the appropriate link:

Grade 5 "Human Body" assignment

Grade 5 "Ancient Greece" assignment

Grade 6 "Diversity of Living Things" assignment

Grade 6 "Aboriginal Peoples" assignment

Good luck!

Mr. B  :-)