Thursday, February 18, 2016

Little or Unknown Facts

The internet and different encyclopedias (do you even remember what those are?) are full of facts, some of them really random. For example “Did you know that there are more lifeforms living on your skin than there are people in the world?”

With this week's blog post you need to gather some of those cool/interesting facts and create a blog post around it. Don't forget to give credit to where you found the information and include pictures and videos to make your post more effective.

As always, I look forward to reading (and learning) about what you have found.

Mr. Boettger :-)

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

History Quiz - British North America

Same routine as usual.  Feel free to use any resource you would like.  Read the questions carefully and good luck!

Click here for the full-screen version.

History Quiz - Conflict and Change

Welcome to your next online assignment Grade 7's!

Feel free to use any resource you would like to find the answer.  Take your time and read the questions carefully.  I want to try and eliminate all silly mistakes. :-)

I've tried to make things a little easier by embedded the quiz right into the blog.  However, if you would like to see a full-screen version, just click this link.

Good luck!

Mr. Boettger  :-) 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Advice/Favourite Meal

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Your first task this week is to take last week's written work (the advice you would give a friend who doesn't appreciate the way he or she looks) and turn it into a good copy blog post. Watch your spelling/grammar and I would highly recommend getting someone to proofread it before you post it online.

Your second assignment this week is to create a blog post describing your perfect meal. This must include an entree, main course and dessert. Once you have described this, you need to find the recipes on how to make each selection. You could also include a video of how it is made and don't forget to include some tasty looking pictures (your own would be even better!).

As always, I look forward to reading your entries.

Mr. Boettger :-)