Monday, October 12, 2009

How do we follow a successful week #1?

Well.....we complete week #2!

I just wanted to say a quick "thank-you" to all of my fantastic students for a great first week of blogging!  Wow - 109 posts!!  Pretty impressive if I do say so myself!  We had a few little bumps along the way, but we are definitely moving in the right direction and that has got me (and hopefully you) pretty excited!

I will try and keep my rambling to the bare minimum this week.  So without further adieu, here are this week's questions:

1.  What does it mean to you to be a "caring" person?

2.  Other than Greg Mortensen (the author of "Three Cups of Tea"), research someone in history who has dedicated his or her life to helping others.  Write about when he or she lived and provide some examples of how they improved the world through his or her dedication.

Don't forget the rules:

- Put the question in your answer and always write using full sentences.

- Proofread your work (watch your spelling and grammar) before you post it.

- Keep it appropriate for school.

- Have fun and be creative!

This week's bonus question is a fairly simple one - I hope!  :-)

What is the definition of a simile and provide me with an example.

Have fun blogging everyone and as usual, I can't wait to read your responses!

Mr. Boettger  :-)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Here is the first of many questions to come!

Hello Grade 4/5's!

I hope and trust that everyone had a great weekend!

As you know, we are reading the novel "Three Cups of Tea" in class. Just to refresh your memory, here is a brief outline of what the book is about:

While attempting to climb K2, the world's second highest mountain peak, Greg Mortenson suddenly found himself lost, alone and freezing cold.  He began to climb to honour his sister, who had passed away.  Now his own life was in peril.  Luckily, Greg was nursed back to health by the people of Korphe, a poor village in northern Pakistan.  Deeply moved by the Korphe community's kindness and generosity, he promised to build a school for the village.  Greg's efforts to keep his promise led to deep friendships with people from Pakistan and other Central Asian countries and to the discovery of his life's great purpose: the formation of the Central Asia Institute and the building of not one but many schools.

My first question has three parts to it and it revolves around this touching novel.  Are your thinking caps on?

1. Why does Greg decide to build a school for the children of Korphe?

2.  In whose honour does Greg intend to build the school?

3.  If you wanted to honour someone special to you, what would you most like to accomplish and for whom?

Don't forget the rules please!  Always keep your answers in full sentences, watch your spelling and grammar and put lots of thought and creativity into your answers!  I look forward to reading all of your responses!

As a bonus this week I have another quick question!

What was the meaning of last week's word of the week?  The first person to provide the right answer will get a little prize.

Mr. Boettger  : )