This is a small smattering of videos made throughout the years. Check out some more of our videos at our YouTube channel.

Here is an anti-bullying video that the 2013 Grade 7 students made for our assembly.  We worked really hard on it and we hope the positive message comes across.  Thanks for watching!

Here are some of our drama skits from 2016:

A Newer Version of Snow White:

Some Crazy Tongue Twisters:

Teachers Live in the School Basement:

Here are some of our new music videos - 2016

The Hockey Song (Originally sung by Stompin' Tom Connors)

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (originally sung by Will Smith)

Here is the class music video! Everything Is Awesome by the 2014 Grade 6/7 class. This video was edited by Tanner C.

500 Miles by Ben and Tyler - 2014

Popular Song by Keira, Rehanna, and Olivia - 2014

Math: Mini-Golf Course Commercial - 2016

Math: Cereal Box Project by Brenden, Dustin and Ethan - 2015

Genius Hour Introduction - 2015

Genius Hour Highlights - 2015

Aiden playing his first song with the Makey Makey Kit

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