Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Role Models?

Many athletes and celebrities fall into the category of role models, regardless if they choose to be or not and I find this to be an extremely interesting topic.  Watch the Lebron James commercial below and answer the following questions:

1. Do you think that celebrities/athletes make good role models?
2. Do you look up to any celebrities/athletes?  If so, tell me why.  If not, tell me why.  :-)
3. Do you think they should assume the responsibility of acting as a role model to young kids, regardless if they want to or not?

*cough..cough*  Don't forget to put the question in your answer! :-)

Once you have posted your response, read the responses posted by your peers and reply thoughtfully to at least two other students.  Compliment strong points, make connections, ask questions and build on ideas shared!

Mr. Boettger  :-)

- I am really looking forward to reading your responses and opinions on this one.

Favourite Novel

It is almost the end of the year and I am looking for some feedback.  I read six (!) novels to you this year - and I would like to know which one was your favourite.

This week's task is as follows:

1.  Vote on which book you liked the most.  Not what your friends liked - YOU.
2.  In the comments section, tell me the novel you chose and why you liked it the most.   Then give me your favourite part or least favourite part from that novel.

Thanks for your feedback.  I appreciate it.

Mr. Boettger  :-)