Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hello apt pupils!

Welcome to our brand new blog here at the wolf den!

I hope and trust that you have had a great summer and have come back to school refreshed and pumped to get those brains working again!

I have got quite a few "cool" things planned this year and one of them is this blog.  Every week I am going to be providing a question to you that you must answer within the week.  You may answer them here at school or at home.  It is your choice.  However, your answers must always be appropriate for school, use all of the proper conventions to the best of your ability and eventually follow the "better answers" formula.  Don't worry about this right now, you will learn all about this formula as the year progresses.

The questions will vary from the silly, to the creative, to the head scratchers.  So let's put our thinking caps on and get started!

See you in cyberspace!

Mr. Boettger  : )


  1. Hey Mr. B
    This sounds extremely cool! I hope to try it, that is why I am posting this comment. I can’t wait for your first question.

  2. Hey Mr. B
    I have a really avatar now. I made it from a website that my Mom's school pals found. It was really easy just like mii channel on wii.

  3. Hello MItchell!

    If all goes well, my first question will be posted on Sunday night! Stay tuned!

    Your "avatar" looks great! Pass on the website address when you get a chance - as long as it is appropriate for school! : )

    Mr. B : )

  4. thanks mr.b cant wait for the first question tomarow

  5. hey mr.b hopefully i get a chanse to anser the qestion tonight!