Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Leadership Debate

I am hoping that you (my ever so brilliant students) have been following the news and know that on May 2nd, Canada is having a federal election.  Before an election, the candidates work extremely hard at trying to convince Canadians to vote for him/her.  One way to get all of the candidates messages across is to hold a debate and that is exactly what is happening tonight.  I hope you tune in, even for just a bit.

I am going to try something new here today and begin a "current events" post - with hopefully more to follow.  I found an excellent article from Teaching Kids the News and I would like you to comment/answer questions on it.  Look for my annotations as well as others and tell me what you think.   By the way, this is an excellent website to keep you up-to-date on all current events.  Be sure to check it out in your free time.  I guarantee you will read something interesting here.

I have included the article here.  If you are having trouble reading the embedded version, click here.  Read it and "annotate" away!

Mr. Boettger

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