Monday, December 19, 2011

Three Truths and a Lie

Hello Grade 7's!

As I was sitting here trying to think about a blog question this week, I remembered that I was supposed to do this little "ice-breaker" game with you when I first came.....and I forgot. :-)

So, here it is:

Clearly list four statements about yourself. Three of the statements should be true and one should be made up. These could be places you've been, things you've done, your likes/dislikes, etc. The more creative, the better! Just remember to keep it appropriate for school! Thanks! :-)

After I have approved the comments, you must respond to at least five (5) of your peers by guessing which one of their statements is false.

Please remember the usual rules and have fun!

Mr. Boettger :-)

Here is a bonus question - compliments of "A Google a Day"



  1. Emily V:
    I have three ducks.
    I have been to the states 3 times.
    I have a miniature pot belly pig

    1. Kala

      Emily is your lie the thing about going to the states 3 times

  2. Mr.price
    I have three kids
    I have a blue house
    I am one of three kids in my family


  3. I love cotton candy.
    I've had 4 dogs in my life.
    I'm alergic to cats
    I've went snow boarding in Vancouver


  4. Emily.F
    I have a big brother
    I have family that lives in California
    my mom and dad are separated
    my favorite subject in school is phys ed

  5. Sarah L:

    ~My family calls me a brat
    ~I love gymnastics
    ~I have been on a airplane
    ~I love zebras

  6. hailey 1. i have two step brothers
    2. i have a dog named Oakley at my dads
    3.i have a snowmobile
    4. most of my family lives in London

  7. spencer
    I was born in midland
    I have a monkey in my room
    I have been doing kempo for 2 years
    I am an orange belt

  8. Logan:
    I have two dogs
    I have bin to the states 8 times
    I have an ipad
    I have a rabbit

  9. i own a rabbit
    i play hockey
    i snow Bord for fun
    i can swim chistian

  10. Okie Dokie,Here are my 1 truth and my 1 lie :D

    Yasmeen's Truths and a lie:

    Weights 90 pounds
    Been to more then 4 schools
    Been To New York
    Loves Pizza

    Okay what one do u think is a lie 8D

  11. Lizzie
    I have three parents
    I've been on an air plane
    I make maple syrup
    I've been to Nova Scotia

    Which is false?

  12. Kirsten:

    #1. My rabbit is not fat
    #2. I have a brother
    #3. I have been to Arizona and California
    #4. I love fishing more than playing my I-pod

  13. Lynsay

    1. I have a fish. 2. I have been on an Air plane. 3. I have water skied. 4. I have driven a car.

  14. Lauren;
    3Truths= I love to play spots I love to four wheel and snowMobile!! One thing I would like to do in my future is skydive and travel!!!

    Lie= I dont like to read!!

  15. Kristin:
    Can you GUESS???
    1. I have 3 ATV's, 3 dirt bikes, a golf cart and 2 snowmobile 2. I've jumped off a cliff 3. I want my own room 4. I've been on a airplane

  16. Talon
    1.i have been to Mexico.
    2. I like dirt biking
    3. I like ATVs
    4. I like snowmobile

  17. Kirsten:

    #1. Lynsay's lie is i have a fish
    #2. Lizzie's lie is i've been on an airplane
    #3. Kristin's lie is i jumped off a cliff
    #4. Yasmeen's lie is been to more than 4 schools
    #5. Logan's lie is i have an ipad

    I hope i got these right!!

  18. isaac; i like biking snowmobeiling atving and i hate swimming

  19. Robert:
    I got 3 snowmobiles my own room and my own truck and I have a cat.

  20. Lynsay, your lie is you have a fish

    Kriten, is your lie you enjoy fishing more then playing Ur i-pod

    Hailey, is your lie most of your family live in London

    Sarah, is Ur lie you haven't been on a airplane

    Lauren, is Ur lie u don't like to read

  21. Kristin:you jumped off a clif.
    spencer:you have a monkey in youre room.
    Emily v: you have been to the states 3 times
    Logan:Has an ipad
    lauren:wants to sky dive.


  22. Sarah L's Guesses:

    Lizzie's lie:
    I've been on a airplane!!!!

    Kristin's lie:
    I've been on a airplane!!!!

    Hailey's lie:
    I have a snowmobile!!!!

    Lynsay's lie:
    I have a fish!!!!

    Yasmeen's lie:
    Weighs 90 pounds!!!!

  23. isaac:>

    logans lie is that he has an ipad
    laurens lie is that she doesent like to read lynsays lie is she has droven a car
    lizzies is she has been on a plane
    and spencers is i have a monkey in my room

  24. Lynsay

    Haileys: lie is I have a snowmobile
    Yasmeens: lie is I weigh 80 pounds
    Sarahs: lie is she have been on an airplane
    Laurens: lie is she doesn't like to read
    Kirstens: lie my rabbit is not fat :D

  25. hailey

    lynsay : i have a fish
    Sarah:i have been on a air plain
    yasmeen: weighs 90 pounds
    louren i don't like reading
    kristin : been on a air plain

  26. kristan ur lie is u jumped off a cliff

  27. Talon

    Lie is don't like to read
    Lie is he has a i pad
    Lie has a monkey
    Lie she has three ducks
    Lie been to Vancouver three times snowboarding

  28. lueran your lie is u dont like to read

  29. by christian
    Emily V:
    I have three ducks.
    I am one of three kids in my family
    I'm allergic to cats
    Been to more then 4 schools

  30. lynsay your lie is that u drove a car

  31. Kristin i think you are lieing about jumping off of a cliff
    Emily.v i think your i think your lieing about being on an airplane.
    Yasmeen i think your lieing about being 90 pounds.
    Hailey i think your lieing about having a snowmobile.


  32. Spencer
    Lizzie you haven't been to nova Scotia
    Haily you have more than 2 step brothers.
    john you are not allergic to cats
    Lynsay you have not water skied
    Kirsten your rabbit is fat

  33. Robert:
    Emily v:The lie I have been to 3 states.
    Kristen: The lie I have jumped off a cliff.
    Lauren: The lie I don't like to read.

  34. Kristin:

    You haven't really been on a airplane.

    You don't have a fish

    Your rabbit is fat isn't it

    You don't have a ipad

    Most of your family lives here, just your dad live in London

  35. logan:
    Kirsten: I have been to Arizona and California.
    Lynsay: I have water skied
    Lizzie: I have been on an airplane.
    Yazmeen: I have been to more than four schools.
    Mr. Price: I have three kids.

  36. kirstan your lie is that your rabbitv isnt fat

  37. Emily v:
    Johnathan-you don't have 4 dogs
    Yasmeen-you don't weigh 90lbs
    Lizzie-you haven't been on an airplane
    Kristin-you haven't been on an airplane
    Spencer-you don't have a monkey in your room

  38. Ok let me think oh got it so here it is....
    I have been on an airplane
    I have 3 dogs a rabbit and 4 cats
    I have 4 Atvs 1 pocket bike and 1 mini dirtbike
    I have a little brother and little sister
    Now lets see who can guess my lie