Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kiln People

Kiln People  is novel written by David Brin and I can't say as though I have read it (and therefore can't recommend it), but the concept of the novel is rather interesting.

Kiln People, is about a society where you can create clay copies of yourself to do various tasks (e.g. mental tasks, dangerous tasks etc.) while you do something else.  Then at the end of the day, you download their memories back into you.

So, here is a pretty deep question for this week.  If you had 5 copies of yourself to use this week, what would you have them do?

Once you have completed your answer, read and respond to at least 2 peers.

As always, I can't wait to see your responses.

Mr. Boettger  :-)


  1. Kala
    If I had five copies of myself I would make one go to school, two to do my chores, one to do my homework but it would hace to be done really well because I wouldn' t want to fail and last but not least one to go to bed on time so I can stay up as long as I want. :p

  2. Sarah L:
    If I had five copies of myself I would have them do......

    1. One would do my homework, because i don't have time
    2. One would do my chores, because i don't have time
    3. Solve my arguments with my friends
    4. Go shopping for clothes and accessory's
    5. One to visit my family so I can hang with my friends
    more often.

    If I had five copies of myself that's what I'd make them do.

  3. Emily .V
    If i had five copies of my self here is what i would have them do:
    1. One to go to school because i like school but some days don't want to go
    2. One to do all my chores
    3. One to stay home all the time and visit with my family so i can go to friends
    4. One to clean my room and house so i can have a friend over faster
    5. One to be at home while i am at the cottage
    And there is a good thing to all this if one of me die there is still 4 others haha

  4. Lynsay
    If I had five copies of myself what I would do with them is:
    1. Go to my up coming gymnastics compitition.
    2. Go on a big shopping spree
    3. Go to gymnastics and get all my skills that I need
    4. Go and get stronger (So I dont feel pain) :)
    5. Go to do a job some where for lots of moeny :D

  5. hailey
    1.sort out my room
    2. try on clothes for me
    3 babysit for me
    4 do my homework
    5 go to school

  6. Dustin:
    If i had five of myself i would make one go to school one to do all my house work i also would let one do anything they want and the other two do nothing but sports

  7. Talon
    I would make one go to school and other one do my house work.Also i would make one work on my dirt bike and one take my dog out side for a walk every day.Last i would make one feed my dog.

    1. talon:
      i like how you said go to school and do your homework i said that to


  8. Emily.F:
    if their were 5 of me i would get one to do my dirty work, one to do my homework, one to do my chores, one to hang out with my friends and be social, and one to take care of me.

  9. Kristin:
    If i had five of me i would make one go to school and do my homework, i would make one babysit my sisters and bug my brother, i would make one keep my house clean so i can have friends over, i would make one finish my house so everyone in my family would have there own room, and lastly i would make one help me decorate my new room. So i could spend time with my family and friends

  10. Robert
    3work on my dirtbike

  11. Kirsten

    I would make them clean my room and do my homework and have them clean my rabbit's cage for me. then i could go anywhere i want and do anything i want.

  12. Logan:
    I would make one do my chores. make one go to school for me make one do my homework for me. make one clean the house make one make bug my sister for me

  13. do my homework
    go to school
    do my bed/chores
    move the back wood
    make me food

  14. Gage
    for one of my copies i would use one to walk my dog because i am a very busy person.
    I would use the second to go to school because im sorry mr boegtter i never feel like getting up in the morning to do that!
    I would use this one to do my homework for the other one that went to school.
    I would use this one to do the dishes
    I would use my last one to take in and out the garbage.

  15. Lizzie

    If I was to have five capies of my self I would send them to do things that I would rather not do. I would send them to do things like, help my mom clean the kitchen and also clean the house. I would get my other selfs to read books for asignments and to paint things and constructe things since it would make it the same way I would do it bec ause its me.

  16. To Kirsten

    Good idea to get your other selfs to clean, do homework and clean your rabbits cage. But you still wouldn't be able to do any thing you forgot to mention that you would make it go to school.

  17. Emily F
    Its a good idea to get your other self to take care of you. It would get every thing right because its you. you would'nt have to explain your self.

  18. Yasmeen

    My 5 things i would have them do is:
    ~Get one to do my homework and go to school for me
    ~Shop and get me real cool clothes and shoes and accessories :]
    ~Do my chores (which is only 2 make my bed)
    ~if i had a job to do the job for me(i would get payed for nothing)
    ~make my food in the morning

    Gosh.My life would be fantastic!I would just sleep all day :)

  19. Lauren:
    If there were 5 of me i would.....
    1.Go to school for me!
    2.Do my homework
    3.Do all my chores
    4.Fight with my brothers
    5. I will spend time with my friends and family and just have fun!! :)