Sunday, March 25, 2012


In the world, it is clear that most buildings have been constructed to last. Look at the ancient pyramids, the Mayan temples, or the Taj Mahal! Large structures, such as buildings, arenas, and towers, have to withstand much more than an occasional light rain shower. What sorts of things do they have to withstand in your area? What about structures in the tropics? Or structures in the Arctic? What would happen to them in monsoon prone areas? Brainstorm some of these ideas using either your computer or a pencil and paper to set up the framework. Be prepared to share your conclusions with your peers and teacher.
Using the ideas from your brainstorming, complete the following:

Find a recent news item, either in the newspaper or online, about a building or other large structure that didn't make it through some extreme weather. Be prepared to discuss it in class. Use the questions below to help get you started.

Questions to ponder:

- How old is this structure?
- Where in the world is this structure?
- Is the area around this structure prone to severe weather?
- How large is this structure?
- What went wrong, exactly?
- What measures, if any, were in place to enable this structure to withstand the elements?
- What measures would you suggest for this structure, if it were to be rebuilt?
- Would this structure need these measures if it was built in your area? 

Taj Mahal

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