Monday, May 21, 2012

The Marshmallow Test

It could be argued that our culture is now being fuelled by immediate gratification.  When we want something, we want it now and more often than not, our wish is granted.  For example, if we don't know something, we can look it up on-line and usually have the answer within seconds.  Like a song you heard on the radio?  You can easily download the song within minutes.  If you are hungry and don't have the "time" to make something, any number of fast food restaurants are more than happy to cook you dinner in a record amount of time.

Watch the video below and answer the following questions:

- What are some other examples of people being unable or unwilling to wait?
-  Is this a positive move in the right direction, or a negative one? 
-  Describe what is going through one of the kid's mind as (s)he tries to resist the temptation to eat the marshmallow.

Once you have posted your response, read the responses posted by your peers and reply thoughtfully to at least two other students.  Compliment strong points, make connections, ask questions and build on ideas shared!

Mr. Boettger  :-)


  1. Yasmeen

    1. to wait to go somewhere exciting!
    2. postive because people should learn to earn it not just get it when ever they want it.
    3. Maybe the kid is wondering well if I take a little nibble no one will notice or I want that marshmallow so badly!

  2. Emily:
    1. you can put a t.v remote in front of them.

    2. I think this is a negative possession because, people in the world should no how to wait for things to come at there own time.

    3.As the kids sit there staring at the marshmallow i think they are saying "if i eat it i don't get more if i don't eat it i get more"

  3. Lynsay

    1.When your in line for an amusement park ride

    2.Its positive because they can learn that sometimes if you wait then there will be better results that if you don't wait.

    3.They probably are thinking about how good it would taste if they ate it and its right there, but they probably are still thinking that if they wait they will get another one

  4. Talon
    1. One example is when people in my class want there computer to load.
    2.Yes, it is a positive move so the kids can learn to wait for some thing and they could maybe get more.
    3. What i think that is going through there head is should i eat it or wait and get more.

  5. Dustin: I think thekids are thinking "Please hurry up and let me eat both of them" I think this is in a positive derection because they are trying to see how they react and its not hurting anybody. Also if you wanted to see how to make somyhing just go on YouTube.

  6. Kirsten

    Question #1:
    -when your parents say that they are going to take you on a vacation but you had to wait a certain amount of days

    -when your parents got you a treat and its your favorite, but they said that you had to wait until after dinner

    -when your in the airport and you got past customs, you end up having to wait another two hours for your plane to be ready for take-off

    Question #2:
    I think this is a positive move because it teaches kids to wait for the things they want.

    Question #3:
    I think the kids would be thinking: "Man, she's taking a long time!", or "When is she coming back?". They might also be thinking about eating the marshmallow.

  7. Jonathan,
    1. If a place is giving away free things everyone wants it and can't wait.
    2. I think it's a step in the right direction.
    3. The child is thinking that they REALY want the marshmallow but they still have to wait. they also feel like their head is going to explode!!

  8. Lauren:
    1.Another example of not being able to wait is when you and your family or friends are going somewhere fun like "Canada's Wonderland".
    2.I think this is a positive move because it is teaching kids to be more patient and if they end up being patient they will get what they want,for instents the kids got the marshmellow if they were patient.
    3.I think what was going through the kids minds was that they really wanted that marshmellow but if I wait I can get two marshmellows!


  9. Sarah L:
    1.When your told to wait five minutes before you can eat your snack and you just want a little nibble.
    When you are waiting for a ordered package and it doesn't come when you want it so you demand it come faster.

    2.It's not good that people get everything when and where they want it I think people should earn what they want and have to wait for it like some people do.

    3.I think that the kids are thinking "should I eat it, should i not" the really are trying hard to resist the temptation but can't forget that a delicious marshmallow is sitting right in front of them waiting to be eaten.

  10. Kristin:
    1. I think some examples of people being unable to wait for something is when your in line to get cotton candy line you would never let anyone cut in line because you want some so bad
    2. I think it is positive because you are teaching the kid to wait and by waiting you get a reward, another marshmallow.
    3. I bet it is cruel for them. It is like not being able to breathe for 5 mins. Some of the kid were taking tiny pieces. Some of them just ate and some waited and were rewarded with a marshmallow.

  11. Lizzie
    1.Other situations were people were unable or unwilling to wait are kids when they are at a restarant and they are waiting for their food with a drink in front of them they always want to drink it all brfore the food comes. Another situation is when you have to wait for dinner and can't have a snack before dinner.
    3.When the kids are waiting for their five minutes to be up I think they are thinking about how good the marshmellow looks and how good it would taste. I think they are thinking about the second marshmellow they will get if they wait.
    2. I think its not a good thing that people expect to get everything they want right when they want it. If something happens and they have limited amount of things they should be able to wait and concerve their things.

  12. Wellzy

    1. Another example of people being unable or unwilling to wait is when you forget something and you can't remember what it is and you think and think and it bugs you so much.

    2. I think it is a bad thing because the world does not revolve around them, so if they want something that they can't have they should have to wait no matter how much they wanted it.

    3.What i think is going threw the kids mind is that they want it so bad but if they wait they can have another one to go with the first one so that they can have more than cause after all to is way better than one.

  13. Gage
    1. One example is when we get our pizza because when it comes everyone crowds around within seconds.
    2. I think this is positive people nowadays cant wait for anything and maybe it will teach us how ridiculous it is that we can not wait for 5 min.
    3. I think they are thinking" oh my gosh i love marshmellows but i get two if i wait i get two but maybe one will be good".

  14. 1 Some other examples are to get a toy or i phone or any electric device.
    2This is a negative move because some people will think your weird
    3 Yummy Marcello
    By Christian (=

  15. Jaelen:
    1. Sometimes when people are waiting in line for food or are at the Shopping Center, they get very impatient and sometimes move into other lines so they can get out faster.
    2. It teaches kids to be patient and wait and they might get more. Just like in the video, the girl said "If you wait, I will bring you another marshmallow."
    3. I think that the kids are trying to resist the temptation of eating the marshmallow. I know that if I was a five year old kid, it would be very hard not to eat a treat. Especially a marshmallow! :D

  16. Robert: 1 I think people eat pizza before the time was up. 2 I think it is positve because they finding out information and it is funny. 3 I THINK ARE LIKE COME LATES GO.

  17. Emily.F:
    1.Another way to be unwilling to wait is when a group of adults are in a room and there is a box of stail donuts and somebody comes in and says there will be a new fresh box of donuts to replace these ones in 20 minutes.
    2.This is a negative move because everyone shouldn't get what they want when they want it they should have to wait to get what you want. For example when i wanted something from the store my mom said you have to get it with your own money and i don't have enough money therefore i have to save up enough money to buy what i want.
    3.If there where a marshmallow right in front of me on the table i would not take it because i would wait to have two marshmallows.

  18. Hailey
    1. You could put an iPod in a room and people start texting the iPod but they cant answer.
    2.No because when the world gets to a point where we run out of food and things to do in life they will to wait.
    3.They probably were hungry so they would want it know its free so they would just want to take it.

  19. Spencer
    1 another example could be putting a can of pop in front of them and they wait five minutes and they get another
    3 i think that the kids are thinking how long has it been???

  20. i think the kids are thinking that five minutes is way to long to wait... and a another example would be with viedo games if you told them to sit there and watch the screen for five minutes with out playing isaac.t (=

  21. Logan:
    I think the poeple are thinking herry up i need this know