Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pictures in Time

If you could take one picture to send back in time (up to 100-150 years ago), what would you photograph, who would you send it to and why?

Once you have posted your response, read the responses posted by your peers and reply thoughtfully to at least two other students.  Compliment strong points, make connections, ask questions and build on ideas shared!

Mr. Boettger  :-)


  1. If I had to sed a picter to the past to someone i would send a picter of all the tecnoligy to my great great grandma and grampa. so that way they know about all the tecnoligy we have


  2. i would send a photo of me to bill gates family and to tell them make me famouse in 2012 when your son makes a thing called microsoft and tell him to that a kid named nathan christianson helped him invinted nath8760

  3. I would probably take a picture of either a type of transportation such as a car or a windmill or a solar plan. I would probably send it to Nicholas-joseph Cugnot in 1807.

  4. The one picture that I would photograph would be me. I would photograph me to show the people in the past what we look like today. I would send it to my ancestors so that they can see what there family looks like now.

  5. i would send a picture of a GPS because if 100 years ago they had a GPS they would know where they were egzacley and if they had a GPS it would help them to go to different places and find new land to clam

  6. If I could take a picture of anything it would be of an electric car so instead of having motorized poluting cars we could start with a better world. i would send it to a professor who could make something like this from a photo.


  7. I would take a picture of the CN Tower because it was built in 1972 and that is less than 100 or 150 years ago. I would send the picture of the CN Tower to the Egyptians because nobody who would have lived 100 to 150 years ago would have seen the CN Tower and because they would see what kind of buildings we have, and they could compare their buildings to ours.

  8. If i could senad a picture back in time i would send a picture of a carf to Karl Benz because then he could see how cars change later in the world.

  9. If I take a picture and the picture will be a one about war and how bad war is and whot it did to the land.I will send it to the old kings because thay are the loords to the villigs.


  10. If I could send picture back in time it would be to Tomas Edison and the Wright brothers. I would send a picture of a cell phone to Tomas Edison. The reason why is because Tomas Edison was a super smart man and he invented the lightbulb. Like cell phones we are dependent upon our light bulb to light our home. Today we use our cell phones all of the time just like light bulbs. I would send a picture of a new airplane and send it back to the Wright brothers because they were the first to invent a sucessful airplane. They would see how much their work paid off and how it helps us today. paige

  11. a picture that i would take is an inside of a grochery store because back then they probally didnt have the food like we have now. who i would send this picture to is a owner of the grochery store back then. why i wiuld send it to him/her is because then we can compare or foods and to show them how the feauture is.

  12. If i could send a picture back in time i would send a picture of a snowmobile to an enegineer so that the snowmobiles would be better disigned and would go faster and handle better today.

  13. I would take a picture of an x-ray mechine because and send it to engineers to make it because back then it could help someone in need. Say if a farmer got his leg stepped on by a cow, if they had an x-ray mechine you could see that he needs a cast. So then it could heel, and it could help many people in many ways.

  14. what would I take a picture of?
    I would take a picture of my laptop.

    who would I send my picture to?
    I would send the picture to my great,great,great grandma.

    to blow her mind to show them what they don't have that we do.


  15. if i could take a picture and send it back in time i would take a picture of a really nice car (corvet or lambergine) and send it to the person who invented the car. Or I would take a picture of a laptop (macbook pro)and send it to the person who invented the computer to show them how much smaller it got because the macbook pro is like 13 inches wide and like 2 inches thick and a computer back then bairly fit in a room.


  16. noah6130
    I would take a picture of the cn tower and send to the egyptians to show them how much better we are at building structures.

  17. If I could send one picture back in time, I would send a picture of the pollution that our world today is faced with. The person I would send this to, is the first prim minister of Canada, John A. MacDonald. The reason I would send this picture to John A. MacDonald, is because it would give him a chance to look at what they are doing and see if there is anything they can do to prevent it. Also, he was the fourth prim minister for 12 years, and there would most likely be something they can do to counteract it.

    If I did not send that picture, I would send a picture of the cod fishing graph to Lester Pearson. The reason I would send this graph to Lester Pearson is so that he can stop the cod fishing crises before it happens. This would be a good thing because it would save a lot of jobs.


    1. Good idea, very well explained. Looks like you did some good research.

  18. I would take a photo of ladie librity. Because that is an amazing statue. I would send it to an american in the past because it is apart of there country they just don't know it yet, and i would say you can go inside of her.

  19. Im rory6180. i would take a picture of a Lockheed ac-130 gunship and send it to the wright brothers who flew the first airplane. i would send it to them so they can see what the modern day aircraft look like.

  20. what i would take a pictuer of?
    i would take a pictuer of my laptop.

    for who to see?
    so evryone can see it.

    why? to blow their minds. Also, so that they can develop computer earlier so they will be further developed by the time they reach 2012. trin

  21. matt 2641

    I woud send a picture of a new Iphone 5 to
    someone like in Russia or China.

  22. If I could send a picture back in time I would send a picture of, the news article involving the shooting at an elementary school in Newtown MS.I would send a this picture to something like CNN or the police so they could catch the boy who did this terrible crime and lock him up, before it was to late, and all these innocent lives would be saved.