Monday, April 1, 2013

Kiln People

Kiln People  is novel written by David Brin and I can't say as though I have read it (and therefore can't recommend it), but the concept of the novel is rather interesting.

Kiln People, is about a society where you can create clay copies of yourself to do various tasks (e.g. mental tasks, dangerous tasks etc.) while you do something else.  Then at the end of the day, you download their memories back into you. 

So, here is a pretty deep question for this week.  If you had 5 copies of yourself to use this week, what would you have them do? 

Once you have completed your answer, read and respond to at least 2 peers.

As always, I can't wait to see your responses. 

Mr. Boettger  :-)


  1. if i had 5 clones of my self i would use one to do my chores, do my school during the day, one to be my slave, another one to go meet relatives at family things. then for my self i would go do the fun stuff like go to the movies, go to a skate park EXT......

    by jako6660

  2. If I hadd 5 copies of me for a week I would get them to do;
    1. Make them do my homework
    2. Read my book
    3. Deal with people that make my life a pain
    4. Make me a better dancer or baseball player
    5. Go outside in the cold

    1. Sounds like a good idea.

    2. i like number 4 but the other ones they are popular.

    3. im rory6180.
      You makes your life a pain :)
      what do you mean by go outside in the cold?

    4. Those choices are very interesting and unique ideas. Good job !

    5. what about your chores

  3. Im rory6180.
    1 go to school for me
    2 do my homework
    3 take out garbage
    4 go too canadas wonderland.
    5 go bungie jumping

    1. Great choices! I think bungee jumping would be really fun to try someday.

    2. you dont want to go to canadas wonderland niko5160

    3. i like all your ideas but i would like to do the Canada's wounder land and bunggie jumping

  4. If I had five copies i would use one to do someyhing really thrilling like bungy jumping. my second copy would get a job for me. the third copy I would tell to do all my chores. my forth copy would do something to help the community and my fifth would go to see a movie but all this time I would go to school.


    1. im rory6180.
      I dont know why you would make your clones do the fun stuff and make yourself go to school. Why not make a clone go to school.

    2. awsome make them work niko5160

  5. I would use one of my guys to skydive with no parachute into an ocean.
    With the second one i would make him bike down a huge mountian or hill and then hit a huge jump.
    With the thrid one i would make him ride a snowmobile down a huge mountian or hill and make hime hit a jump at the bottom and do some crazy trick off the bottom jump.
    With the fourth one i would make make a huge jump and then make the guy hit the huge jump on a dirt bike and i would make him do backflips and stuff.
    With the 5th one i would make hyim hit a jump on a dirt bike and make him try to gap the grand canyon.


  6. if i had 5 copies of myself i would send one to school one to do my homework one to do my chores one to go with my parents shoping one to do my shoping niko5160

  7. If I had 5 copies I would send one to read one to play piano. My next one would be to take courses to be a surgeon. I would send one to africa to take pictures of lions. The last would go to school.

    1. Those are five great choices! I would want one of mine to take coureses to become a surgeon to:) Good job.

  8. i dont know if i would have people that want to because i wouldnt want them to at the end of the day to come back and tell me what it felt like. i would rather do it my self because they would bring back memories not feelings and i like the feelings. but if i were to have them do it i would do.....
    1. my homework
    2. clean my room
    3. drive me places even knowing i cant drive yet they get in trouble for me so i dont hav
    4. go to school for me
    5. get into trouble for me so i dont have to know how my parents reacted.


  9. if i had five copies of my self i would hasve one do my homework one go to school one to get a job one to do all my chores one do my shopping and one to make me dinner

  10. If I had 5 copies of my self for a week I would get it to...

    1.Do my home work.
    2.Do my work at school. my book.
    4.Deal with things that make my life horrible. 5.Go places I don't want to go to.


  11. If i had 5 copies of myself i would make one of them stand in line all day for a ride at a amusement park because i dont like stading in lines. anothen thing i would make a copie of myself is make them do my mom and dads work at home so they would have to do barily anything when she got home from work i would also make them do all my chores and the another thing is make one of them go to school for me and lastly i would make one fight crime like a super hero :)

    josh 9240

  12. I If I had 5 copies of myself and I could have them do anything I would have them do:
    1. Climb a mountain.
    2. Take a plane to meet Kellin Quinn.
    3. Take a plane to Indiana.
    4. Meet Jayy Von Monroe.
    5. Bake a cake.

  13. SEAN 6100 !!!!!!
    1. Go to school
    2. To do my chores
    3. To do my homework
    4. To play street hockey with me
    5. To play video games with me

  14. If i had five copies of my self i wouldn't use them because it's not the same as doing those things your self.
    But five things i would do is go to spain and portugal.
    Tan i would go sky diving and rocky mountain climbing and ride one of those micanical boals.

  15. Noah6130
    1. go to school for me
    2. do my chores
    3. Do my homework
    4. to do some kind of community help
    5. to bike with me

  16. Some things that I would get my clay copies to do are:
    1. Deal with my sisters for the week
    2. Go to school for me while I go sky diving
    3. Go to school for me while I go divinng (under water)
    4. Get one to go to Spain for me
    5. Have one to to ant artica for me


  17. If I could choose five things for my clay copies to do they would be:
    1. Go swimming in the Great Barrier Reef.
    2. Take courses for my dream job.
    3. Go to France and explore the city.
    4. Go help out at a community centre.
    5. Take violin lessons for me.

  18. if I had 5 copies of me I would get them to....
    1. Go to school for me.
    2. Do my home work
    3. Climb mount Everest for me
    4. Go to check out the UK for me
    5. Go skydiving

  19. If I had five copies of myself I would get them to;
    1) Go to Wolverhampton to see the Slam Dunk concert :3
    2) Go to Golden Gate Bridges.
    3) Make a cake ;P
    4) Adopt a sloth.
    5) Go to Warped Tour & get Kellin Quinn's autograph. ;3