Sunday, June 22, 2014

Favourite Novel

It is almost the end of the year and I am looking for some feedback.  I read nine (!) novels to you this year - and I would like to know which one was your favourite.

This week's task is as follows:

1.  Vote on which book you liked the most.  Not what your friends liked - YOU.
2.  In the comments section, tell me the novel you chose and why you liked it the most.   Then give me your favourite part or least favourite part from that novel.

Thanks for your feedback.  I appreciate it.

Mr. Boettger  :-)


  1. I liked Airborn because it was interesting and kept me reading because I wanted to learn what happened next. My favourite part was when Matt and Kate discovered the cloud cat.

  2. I liked my mothers secret the best because I liked how they put it In all of the characters point of view. My favorite part was in the end when Helena had a child.

  3. I liked all the books you read to us because they were all very interesting with lots of action and in most of them there were lots of funny parts. I also liked all the suspense in the books which made us want to keep reading.

  4. I like airborn the best because Kate was very entertaining. I like how the book was very funny and always made me giggle. I also like all the adventures it took o for example the cloud cat, the pirates ect. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it for others. By: emil8991