Sunday, September 14, 2014

Animal Testing

The human brain has over 100 billion nerve cells - it is the most complex organ in the human body. Scientists spend a great deal of time studying the human brain and, while they have discovered a lot, they have yet to fully master and understand this remarkable organ. Understanding the connection between brain cells, behavior and disease is important and scientists have developed a variety of new techniques that will help them map brain activity.

Watch the video and then answer the following questions:

In the video you saw laboratory tests being conducted on mice.

1.  Are you 'for' or 'against' scientific tests on animals?
2.  If scientists were not able to test on animals, how would they conduct their experiments?
3.  Are there any instances when you would support animal testing?

Once you have completed your selections and posted your explanation, read and respond to at least 2 peers.

Mr. Boettger  :-)


  1. loga1770
    1.I am for using animals for test because then it doesn't hurt humans and if anything happens it shouldn't hurt us if it goes wrong.
    2.I think they would have to do it on humans and have the possibility of a human getting very hurt.
    3. Yes when there are bad diseases they can help by giving it to animals and then if it works they can use it on humans.

    1. I agree with your first and second and third thoughts I think that your point of view is a very nice one

    2. I agree with you on the first second and third points if view they are what I think as well

  2. tara3050
    1.I am for the scientific experiments on the animals because if they need to do the experiments to find about the human brain they are the closes to the human brain. If you disagree then think would you rather have a light thing put in your brain or find something new about the brain on an animal.
    2. I think if the scientists were not able to conduct experiments on the animals then they would do the experiments on people with diseases and I think this because I don't think it would be fair to conduct experiments that they don't know if it will work on living people they may as well do it on someone who has a great chance of dying like a cancer patient.
    3. Yes I would support some animal experiments because I don't think we should do it on people it is just not the same. Although we are all living things people and animal experiments are different.

  3. jenn0362
    1) I am against using animals for testing because animals can't tell you that they are being abused.
    2). Scientists could use plants or synthetic material to conduct their experiments.
    3)No because the research is for us not the animals so they don't deserve to have to go through this.

    1. I do agree with the second awnser but I don't agree with the first or third I am not sure anyone would rise there hand and get experimented on out of the blue

  4. zac9331
    1) I am against animal tests because the progress means almost nothing, we don't need to know how our brains work to use them.

    2) Scientists could test on a dead brain.

    3) Yes if they find a less cruel way to do it.

  5. tayl1920
    1. I am ok with animal testing because we need animals but we need humans more we are not going to test on humans so that's what the animals are here for and when or if they die we get food if it is not infected
    2. then human volunteers that want to risk there lives
    3. I am ok with animal testing we have bean doing it for a long time why stop now.

  6. cade8790
    1. I am against animal testing because half the tests that they do could hurt the animals or kill them. It could also cause brain damage the animal so much that they'll have to put them down.
    2. If scientists were not able to use animals for their experiments then they could use plants or robots.
    3. Their is one instance where I would support animal testing if an animal is sick then they could use a type of medicine on an animal to see if it will work for that type if animal ex. if a penguin got sick then they could give it penicillin to see if it would make the penguin well again.

  7. marl0190
    1. I am against animal testing because the animal cant say no to it so there for its not right.
    2. If scientists could not do testing on animals they could either get consent for I human being or do testing on animals that they know are going to die soon.
    3. no there is no instances were I would support animal testing

  8. ashl1881
    1) I think that we shouldn't test on the animals because if we want to get information on humans we should test on humans not animals.
    2) I think that if we can't test on animals than they would have to test on humans
    3) I would only do it if it was a matter of live or death

  9. 1 I think that it is interesting to see because you will see really cool things and if you do it on a rat its ok because rats are an animal that reproduces a lot.
    2 they could also use plants
    3 I am ok with it because we get to see new things

    1. people repopulate a lot to so ur saying its ok to do it on rats because the reproduce a lot but yeah
      2- plants don't have brain but they do have cells

  10. mich5112
    1.i think we shouldn't test on animals because if it changes the animals health or it's body it would give us wrong info.
    2.i think if we don't test on animals we should test on humans and after the testing the microphone should be taken off.
    3.i would make sure that the animal doesn't get harmed with the experiment.

  11. owen1422
    1. I am for animal testing
    2. humans can test on humans
    3. I will support animal testing because you get to learn if medicines work or not.

  12. zach8820
    1i think scientists should be allowed because they will get to see new things and a rat reproduces a lot so it wont effect our eco system.
    2 if they cant do it on a rat they can do it on a plant
    3i am ok with animal testing because its new stuff to your world and it will lead us to new inventions.

  13. cole5410 1. I am against animal testing
    2.they could use dead animals because they are already dead
    3. no because animals are just like us and we don't deserve to die so why

  14. alai1860:
    1. I am against animal testing because animals are being taken out of their habitat and harmed because they don't have have a voice to say that they don't want to have a bunch of tests done on them.
    2. Scientists could conduct their experiments on humans because these tests are for humans so humans should be the ones getting the tests done on them.
    3. I would support animal testing if it was to find a cure to a deadly disease.

  15. anys8250:
    1) I am against animal testing because it might hurt the animals and animals can't tell you if they are in pain or are hurt. We are forcing the animals to do the tests and they can't tell us if they don't want to do them like humans can.

    2) If scientists were not able to conduct their experiments on animals they could just do them on humans. These tests are for humans so why not do them on humans? The tests would also be more accurate because they did them right on humans.

    3) I would support animal testing if it was a life or death situation. If it was to save someone's life or a bunch of people's lives that's when i would support animal testing. Also if it was to cure a disease or to help something out I would support animal testing.

  16. ryan8910

    1) I think we should test on animals because if you want to know information about them that's how you do that.
    2) I think if the scientists were not able to test on animals I think they wouldn't know if it worked on humans.
    3) I think I would support animal testing if there is a bad sickness going around.

  17. dust09809
    1. I am for animal testing because its better animals than humans.
    2. if scientists were not able to use animals then they would probably use other humans.
    3. yes

  18. dela6980
    1) i am for using scientific tests on animals because humans can get hurt from putting a camera in your brain.
    2) scientist test on a dead brain
    3) yes if they find a less cruel way i would be

  19. etha0440
    1. I am for animal testing because it could cure illness.
    2. They would use old people that would die soon anyway.
    3. If they where trying to find a cure for sicknesses i would support animal testing

  20. sydn1320
    1. I am against animal testing because in a lot of cases it will permanently damage the animal, or kill it. for example frog dissecting in high schools. They kill the frogs to do science experiments on it.
    2. If scientists couldn't use animals I think that they would use people that are dying. I think that this would be a good solution because the people that are dying can do something in their life that could change the world.
    3. One case that I would support animal testing would be if it didn't hurt or kill the animal, like if they were doing something and the scientists were just using wires and stuck them to the animal with something like tape.

  21. gare1900
    I think it would be ok because if the scientists are testing on a human they could easily die because of the fact that the animal could die if so just try a little bit see what happens if it dose not work put a little more. ps. don't drowned it with the stuff