Friday, February 4, 2011

Online etiquette

Hello everyone!

Not that I am expecting an issue, but I came across a picture the other week and it made me think of you guys.  As a class we do a lot of work online and I just want to remind you about some online etiquette (or netiquette as it is sometimes called). 

Here are a few tips from  Remember that whatever you say online can stay online forever. 

Ok...onto the tips.

Sometimes the online world can feel "pretend" because you cannot see the person with whom you are communicating. So, it is very important to remember that you are dealing with "real" people online and you should use your very best manners - just as you would at home or at school.
  • Do unto others, as you'd have others do unto you. Be polite and courteous at all times. Remember that you're not communicating with a computer screen, but with a human being who has thoughts and feelings just like you. So, always think of the person on the receiving end of your messages.
  • Remember that the written word is hard to interpret. When you speak to someone, that person can hear the tone of your voice. If they can see you, they can take visual clues from your face and body to better understand your meaning. All of this is lost in text, and sometimes responses can come across as mean or rude, even when you did not intend them this way. This is the reason some people use emoticons (visual clues) in their e-mails, it saves a lot of confusion.
  • Don't break any laws. When you're on the net, follow the same rules of behavior that you would in real life. Remember, if it is against the law in the real world, it is against the law in cyberspace.
Here is a picture that pretty much sums everything up!  I can't remember where I found it.  So, apologies to the person that made it.  When I find it again, I will give the proper credit!

Be safe everyone!

Mr. Boettger  : )

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