Sunday, October 2, 2011

Comment Away!

Hello my trusty Grade 7 class!

Here is your first blog assignment. You are to read the following newspaper article (see link below) and answer the following questions by commenting on the blog!

 The questions are as follows:

 1. If you were in a position where you had a lot of money, would you donate any of that money? Why or why not?

 2. If you chose to make a donation, which charity or cause would you choose? Why is this specific issue important to you?

 3. Why do you think Forbes magazine publishes this information every year? Why do you think the general public would be interested in these statistics?

 4. How do you think the people in the article feel about having their financial information available to the public?

 Remember the rules for posting information to the web:

- NEVER post any personal information and use only first names please.
-  Put the question in your answer and always write using full sentences.
- Proofread your work (watch your spelling and grammar) before you post it.
- Keep it appropriate for school.
- Have fun and be creative!

Good luck!

Mr. Boettger  :-)


  1. Gage:
    1: Yes a would donate a lot of money in fact because there are people out there with no food and i would have had more than enough if I was rich. There are also people who have bad diseases like cancer and that could be fatal even for young kids maybe even younger then me! They deserve better!!!!!

    #2: I would choose two charity's, one that gives food or shelter to the less fortunate. The other charity that i would donate to is one that helps people and young kids fight cancer and other fatal diseases.

  2. Emily:

    Question 1:

    of course i would donate money if i had a lot of money like those people in the article because their are many people around the world that live in poor countries that need donations, medical care support ,and food to survive. they need vaccinations and diseases they have. I would most certainly donate to help out people like that.


    If I donated to a charity i would choose The Red Cross, Sick Kids foundation, O.S.P.C.A, and i would also donate to the salvation army. i would donate to all these charity's because i am willing to make a change in the world if i had a lot of money i would certainly try my best to help people that are in need of help and also animals.

  3. Emily v
    1.If I was in a position where i had a lot of money i would donaite half of it to charity.

    2.I would donate this money to cancer, because some of my family members died form cancer, and only one of my family fought and won against cancer.

  4. Talon

    1.If i had lots of money i would donate money because i would not need all this money.
    2.I would donate to cancer because some of my family have died of it.

  5. Spencer
    1.Yes if i had allot of money i would donate some of it because there are people in the world who need it more than me. 2.If i were to make a donation i would donate to the o.s.p.c.a because i love animals and don't like seeing them suffer. 3.Forbes magazine publishes this information because people find it interesting.I think they want to compare how much they make a year to how much the people in the magazine make a year. 4.I think they feel proud because they have allot of money.

  6. Wellzy

    If I had a lot of money like those people in the article yes I would donate some of the money to people in Africa. I would do that because people in Africa do not have all the good things that we have here in Canada.

    The cause that I would donate the money to would be Africa. I chose that cause because here in Canada we have like ten pairs of shoes (well at least I do) where in Africa they only have one or none. Th at is why I would donate some of my money to Africa.

  7. Yasmeen :)

    1.Of course i would donate money to a charity because their are less fortunate people on our world that need food, clothes, and shelter, and medical things for them to live healthy and safely.

    2.If i where to donate money to a charity i would donate it to the red cross foundation or sick kids because I'm helping poor children who need help and also my cousin need to go to sicks kids almost every week because he is autistic! Also i would donate to red cross because it helps poor countries like Haiti. It would help the countries after they had a hurricane or anything dangerous happen to there town or city

  8. Lynsay

    1. If i had a lot of money i would donate it to a charity, i would donate it because if there is people that need stuff and it is very easy to give to them and in our country we have all we want.

    2.Yes i would donate, the charity that i would donate to would be some type of charity that donates to people that got hit by a natural disaster and need food and supplies because they need it and we can help.

  9. Kala
    1.If I had the money that all of the richest people in the world I would definitely donate a good chunk of that money to research for cancer cures but otherwise I would try and help out as much of my family members as possible.

    2.The top cause I would donate my money to would be cancer research. I chose this because we need a cancer cure because to many people have cancer.

  10. syd

    question 1:
    yes if i had a lot of money i would donate 25% to charity, 25% to Breast cancer and another 25% to help little kids that don't have family, food or clothes.

    question 2:

    the charity i would donate to are
    1. Breast cancer
    2. homes for humanities
    3. O.S.P.C.A
    4. red cross
    5. sick kids
    6. salvation army
    7. kids in Africa
    and other charity. the reason why i would donate my money is because i would help people that can't help themselves.

  11. 1. I would give some my money to charity because I don't need all that money and ther are people that would appreciate it more than me.
    2. I would donate my money to bring water to people in Africa


  12. if i had lots of money i would donate it to chairtes because it would help other people 2 if i had to chose a chairty it would probelly donate it to help find a cure for cancer

  13. Jaelen:

    Question 1:

    I would donate as much money as I could to a charity that helps other people that have less things and that are having trouble surviving.

    Question 2:

    I would donate to the Red Cross, The O.S.P.C.A., or to Cancer Research because other people deserve to live and have a nice life so they can grow up and have a good healthy, strong family.

  14. isaac.t

    1. if i had lots of money i would donate half of it because there are people that are less fortunate than us 2. i would donate it to the sick kids foundation because when my sister was born they spent alot of money to try and save her

  15. Lauren

    1.If I had lots of money I would donate almost all of it because I don't need it as much as the people suffering from different things.

    2.I would donate to poor countries that can not aford food, nice clothing, or clean water.

  16. Kirsten

    Question #1:

    If i had a lot of money i would donate a portion of it to a charity that helps animals find homes.

    Question #2:

    I would donate my money to the O.S.P.C.A because i believe in the rights of animals and don't think they should be abused and kicked out of their homes. This charity is important to me because i keep seeing stray animals that got abandoned from their home and i want to take every single one home but i know i can't.

  17. Sarah L:

    Question one:
    Yes I would donate most of my money to charity because I love to help people and I don't like to see people suffer.

    Question two:
    I would donate money to the cancer foundation, the O.S.P.C.A, and any children charities I could.These charities are important to me because many of my family members have died from cancer, I hate seeing animals suffer, and i don't like seeing children suffer either.

  18. Lizzie

    1. If I had a lot of money I would donate some of my money because, I think Why should I get lots of luxury's, if many people around the world don't even have their basic items.

    2. If I had a lot of money I would donate some to charity's that give the less fortunate the food, medical care, shelter etc.

  19. Kristin:
    1. Yes i would donate because if i didn't need the money and i wasn't using it so why should the money go to waste just sitting at home when it could be feeding a hungry person or putting a roof over someones head. So yes i would donate the money i didn't need.

    2. I would donate to the Cancer foundation because many people in my family have died or is suffing from cancer.
    I would also donate to any foundation that helps children or people stay health and safe.

  20. Robert: Yes would donate some money to people that need it. I would donate the money to canser because i no lots of people that had brain tomers.

  21. hailey

    1. yes i would donate because other should have at least stuff to live some to eat and have a house just like us.

    2.i would donate to the cancer foundation because it is the number one some of my family members had cancer and didn't survive.

  22. christian
    1 I would because some people need it
    2 Africa because there are people thet arnt so forchinint
    3 to see who wins
    4 prawd