Monday, January 23, 2012

Desert Island Dilemma

If you knew you would be stranded on a desert island for 1 year, which 5 objects would you bring with you? Keep in mind that there is NO electricity on the island! Choose you objects carefully and then explain your choices in a brief paragraph. 

Once you have completed your selections and posted your explanation, read and respond to at least 2 peers.

I look forward to reading your responses!  

Mr. Boettger  :-)  


  1. Emily F:

    oh my let me think if i were stranded on an island i would bring....
    1. A tarp for when it rains
    2. enough food to last me
    3. water
    4. raft
    5. a friend to keep me company
    i would bring these things to last me a whole year and hope it works out.

  2. Isaac :P

    i would bring a generator
    a TV a ps3 scuba gear and boat ....

    1. Gage; isacc
      Would you really need a ps3 because would'ent you want to bring something like a rifle instead that you could get food with????

    2. Emily V:
      to Isaac
      how would you survive you don't have water or food.

    3. Yasmeen

      Why Would You Bring A Ps3?
      They Are Completely Useless, You Could Have Food That You Need To Survive On!

  3. Sarah L:

    If I were stranded on an island for a year I would bring enough food, an umbrella, clean clothes, a boat, and a friend for company.
    I would bring these because they are the basic needs I would need to survive.

    1. that's what you would need 8D

    2. Emily.V
      To Sarah L
      I think you are going to make it threw the troubles you get into good choices.

    3. what will you if you and your friend are bored??

    4. Lynsay:

      OK I agree with you for bringing enough food because you need to have food to survive, I also agree with bringing clothes so you don't freeze get to wet or get to hot, a boat is a good idea but does it have gas and the gas could run out also you might not know how to drive a boat to, a fried for company is a good thing to bring if I were to bring a friend it would be a friend that knows survival, I do not agree with just bringing an umbrella!

  4. DUSTIN: I would bring a dingy a fishing rod a fire place a hunting knife and a house size tent

    1. logan:
      how would you bring a fireplace

  5. Robert: I would need a dirt bike,gas ,food,gun,bulltes.

    1. hailey i agree with the gun but the dirt bike and gas is a waist of 2 items u could bring water and food.

    2. Lynsay

      If you brought a dirt bike you can only get around the island and not home and there will be a time that you run out of gas and you should bring some kind of shelter.

  6. Kala

    Five things I would want if I got stranded would be...
    a spear or pocket knife
    a long rope
    a couple cans of food
    and a lighter

    1. to kala
      i think you would need more than a few cans of food.
      from syd

  7. Talon
    I would bring a generator and lots of gas also a gun and bullties and last i would bring a truck.

    1. Shouldn't you bring some food to eat so you won't starve?

    2. Kristin:
      Won't you starve?
      If you don't starve you die of thirst.

    3. Kirsten

      Talon, how could you bring a truck on deserted island? Also where would you go? Oh and bullets is spelt wrong. And last but not least are you planning on drinking that gas or are you going to use it for your generator?

    4. Kala

      you didn't bring food won't you starve and you can not drink salt water :p

    5. Gage
      Talon I think it would be great fun to rip around in a truck on a deserted island where there are no speed limits what so ever.Also it would be good to carry lots of food. BUT, how would you bring the truck to the island.

    6. nice nice were would u drive that truck though ?? if its in inhabitant :)<|:) isaac

  8. Lauren:
    The 5 supplies I would be bring to an island for 1 year would be, 1 year worth of food and water matches, blankets and a tent those would be my 5 supplies to bring to an island for 1 year. Because those are some of the things you need to survive! With out food and water you can not survive with out and the matches can help you keep warm and cook food, the blankets can keep you warm and the tent can give you a shelter! so that is why those are the things I would bring to an island

  9. Wellzy
    the 5 supplies that I would bring with me if I were stuck on an island are water, food, a tent, matches, and clothing. I would bring those things because you can only go a week without water and you can only go so long without food, you need matches to start a fire so you can cook your food, a tent for a shelter so the bugs will stay off of me, and clothing so i can change or use it to make a bed to sleep on and as a blanket to keep you warm and you can use clothing to help heal a wound and to make a flag to signal a person and to help you to find your way back to your tent.

  10. Lynsay

    If I knew that I would be stranded on an island I would bring: Some clothes and blankets, Lots of matches to light fires, A huge supply of food ans there could be fruit on the island, If I could I would bring some kind of solar power to get energy from the sun,and I would also bring a kit of things like ropes and a horn thing to signal any passing boats.

    1. why would you bring a solar panel if you have nothing that needs electricity.


  11. Kirsten tools
    #2.clean clothes

    I chose these 5 items because these are the items i need to survive. Of course there are lots others such as a machete or food, but i can only bring 5 things. I would bring the kitchen tools so that i can cook any food source i find. I would bring clean clothes because i would definitely not want to be stuck in the same clothes for a year! It would smell so bad and the island would definitely be deserted!! I would take the tarp in case the weather decides to rain. I would bring the radio so that in case i run into a big problem and need medical care. I would finally bring fresh water so that i can at least have enough to last me a few days then when i run out i can just boil some salt water (depending if the island is on the ocean).

    1. you used your give things very wisely if i was stuck i would want to bring similar things great job 8D

    2. how could you use the radio if there is no poweer

    3. Kristin:
      You forgot your battles for your radio.

  12. My 5 things i would bring is
    ~Soler Powered Microwave
    ~A Friend For Company
    ~Food That Lasts 2 Years (Just In Case)
    ~Warm Clothes(Jackets,Mittens, Hats, Warm Jeans, Top,Sweaters,Snowpants(It May Be Super Super Cold That Night)Etc...
    ~Wood, To Bulid Me A Somewhat Nice Shelter

    Therefore These Are Quiet Important To Bring On My Point Of View!

    Yasmeen (:

    1. to yasmeen
      i have a question.
      why would you need a microwave? if you are at a hot island why do you need to have warm food. if it was me i would not need to warm my food.

      for syd

  13. If I were stranded on an Island for one year and I could bring five things I would bring...

    A two year supply of matches so I can make a fire.I would also bring a pully system going al the way to main land, and also a pocket knife.Also a lot of blankets.I would bring a state of the art water filteration system.


  14. Spencer
    1.year supply of food
    2.water purifier rod

  15. christian
    food so i do not starve
    water so i do not get dehydrated
    bike so i have some thing to do
    shelter for a home
    bot to get home

  16. Gage:
    I Would bring a hunting knife, a rifle, a fishing rod,a tent, and a flair.

    1. If you brought those things to catch your food wouldn't you need to bring something to cook the food on??

      ~Sarah L

    2. Talon: Gage i think that those are good things to bring and if i could add more i would bring those.

    3. Kala

      I think the flair was a good idea you might be the only person that thought of a flair.

    4. Hate To Burst Your Bubble, But, Wouldn't You Need Bullets To Use The Rifle?


  17. Kristin:
    1. I would bring a lighter because I could use it to light a fire to keep me warm or boil water or single for help.
    2. I would bring chainsaw so I can use it to cut open a coconut or clear out a place to build a house.
    3. I would bring pots and pans so I can boil my water on a fire or to my wash closes.
    4. I would bring some closes to wear.
    5. I would bring a lot of rope to build my house.

    1. Kirsten

      Kristin, i think you are being too rash anal when you said you needed to bring a chainsaw to cut open a cocoanut. However your other items are reasonable.

      If you actually thought of bringing that chainsaw, then i would've suggested bringing a guide book on how to use it. It will definitely tell you that one of the uses for a chainsaw isn't to open up cocoanuts!

    2. spencer You need gas for your chainsaw!

    3. kristin
      don't you need gas for a chainsaw?
      you are so funny. :D


    4. Hailey
      the chain Shaw doesn't make sense because it wouldn't work because u have no gas.

  18. Lizzie
    If I was stranded on a desert Island I would bring a metal water bottle,miles of rope,a pocket knife,a tarp and a lighter.

    I chose to bring these five idems because they would help me to do basic suvival things. The water bottle would help me to catch rain water. I can also boil water in it to kill of water bactiria. I would bring rope to make a shelter anso I could us it to make a raft. I couse a pocket nife because I could us it to make a spear for catching fish. I could also us it to cut rope and trees. I would bring a tarp to make a shelter to sheild me from the sun. Last but not least I'd bring a lighter to make a fire to cook and stay warm at night.

  19. syd:P
    if i was on an island for one year i would bring:
    1. food
    so i can eat food
    2. a lot of rope
    to help make shelter
    3. knife
    to cut food
    4. wool
    for a bed
    4. first aid kit
    in case i get hurt

    1. Yasmeen

      Good Idea To Bring A First Aid Kit (;
      Your A Smarty-Pants!

    2. Kala
      I like your choices and a very creative idea for the bed but wouldn't the wool get wet without shelter :p

  20. Logan:
    1.year supply of food
    2.water purifier
    3. solar powered generator
    4.five monkeys rod

    1. Yasmeen
      Why Would You Need To Bring Monkeys?
      I Would Have Brought Something More Important!

  21. Emily V:
    1.year supply of food.
    2.Filter for the water
    3.Blow up canoe powered by batteries **remember batteries**
    4.Fishing net.

    1. BGood job emily I think you thought very wisely on what you were going to bring

  22. Lizzie
    Syd, I think that you chose some really good stuff. I was just wondering how you would make a fire to keep warm. I know what your thinking,"Its a desert island, its warm." Yes, in the day. In the night though it could get cold with the wind from the water.

  23. Sydney:
    good job would you use the rope to tie together leaves or something to make your shelter i was just wondering and one more thing i forgot to include a first aid kit in mine to i think a lot of people did but it is always good to have one of those around great job

  24. hailey:
    1. A life supply of food
    2. a life supply of water
    3.a solar panel
    4.a warm shelter including blankets and fireplace
    5.a microwave
    because i could microwave my food and i need a solar panel to make the microwave work and a warm place to live
    and water so i wont dehydrate

  25. christian-Isaac
    no food?...

  26. Lizzie
    Spencer, how would you make a fire to keep warm and cook? I know what your thinking,"Its a desert island, its warm." In the day yes,but at night with the wind from the water it would be cold. Also I think you should of brought a knife. To gut fish, you could also use it to cut down branches for a shelter.