Monday, January 16, 2012

Exploring the Outdoors/Sporting Dreams

Hello my trusty Grade 7's!

This week's blog question came from me watching this 60 Minutes episode on Alex Honnold.  As I watched Alex climb, I couldn't figure out if he was crazy, brave or a little bit of both.  The one conclusion I did come to is that there is NO WAY I wouldn't even think about attempting it.  If you are interested in viewing the 60 minutes interview, it is found below.

The above video led to the next video on three extreme sports. Watch the video and then answer at least one of the following questions:

1. These athletes participate in some unique and extreme sports.  If you could undertake any sporting adventure, what would it be and why?  Remember, you can go anywhere and do anything!


2.  These extreme athletes explore nature, including mountains, rivers, and waterfalls, through their hobbies.  Imagine that you could explore anywhere in the world.  What kind of lands would you like to explore?  How would you like to explore them (e.g. on foot, by bike, via helicopter, etc)?  Don't forget to explain why you chose that kind of terrain and transportation.  

Here is this week's video:

 As always, I look forward to reading your responses!

 Mr. Boettger :-)


  1. Yasmeen

    2.I Would Like To Go To Hawaii And Go On A Helicopter Over A Volcano And Watch The Lava Inside Of The Volcano!

  2. I would go kyacking because i never had a chance christian

  3. Wellzy
    if i could go any where and do any sport i would do competitive swimming in Australia. I would go there and do that because Australia has really strong and fast swimmers so it would make it tougher for me and i like to take on challenges.

  4. Lizzie
    If I could go anywhere to do any sport I would like to try extreme white water rafting. I would like to do that because I think it would be awesome to go down a water fall like you were the water. I think it would be exile rating to be one with the water and be at the mercy of the river.

  5. Emily.F:

    If i had to choose i would be an explorer and i would want to explore all around Canada i would want to down hill ski at all of the resorts across Canada i am not the best down hill skier but i very much enjoy it and i have a lot of fun doing it.

  6. Kirsten

    I would like to do Bird Watching and i would go to Newfoundland to do it. Bird Watching is an extreme sport there and i think i could learn a lot and i would be able to see species I've never seen before. I chose Bird Watching because i do it at my home and everywhere i go and find it very interesting. I like seeing how birds live and i even compare other species to see how they are different from us and other birds.

  7. Talon
    1.If i was going to do a sport and travel around Canada and the U.S.A i would race motocross it is one of the top athletic sports in the world.Also it is a great sport.

  8. Gage
    #1: If I could go on any sporting adventure i would probably go to Sweden for a hockey tournament to compare the skill level between European teams and Canadian teams.
    After playing a couple of games in Sweden I would like to cruise over to Finland and see the level of hockey there and play some. I would like to be over in Europe for about 2-3 weeks. I would also like to go see some games from the Swedish Elite Leauge which is like the NHL for sweden.

  9. Kala
    Question 2

    I would like to explore the Nile river because I think that it would be fun and amazing looking at the animals that live there and the African plant life that lives off the river. I would also like to explore the African culture and ways.

  10. Sarah L:

    Question Two:

    I would like to explore under the ocean and explore mountains. To get under the ocean I would either swim or use a submarine. I would like to explore the ocean because there is a lot of amazing things and beautiful things under the water. I would like to explore mountains because it would be cool how the textures and colors change depending where they are. I would explore the mountains by taking a helicopter up and get dropped off at the top and then explore around. these are the terrains i would like to explore.

  11. Lauren:
    1. The one sport that i would like to do is white water rafting and travel a all around the world to do it!

    2.The kinds of lands that I would like to explore is rivers and jungles those would be a good place to explore! The reason why is because there would be many things to see and do near those places!!! :)

  12. Emily .V:
    Question 2 ...
    I would like to explore the outer space i would like to do this because, i think it would be interesting to see what it looks like and learn a bit about the stars and planets that are up there. I would like to explore the outer space by a rocket ship. I would also like to explore the equator, i would do this by a four wheeler and a big bottle of water haha.

  13. Lynsay

    I would like to participate in a sport which is gymnastics and if it were to get really extreme I would go to the Olympics. Also I would want to explore water falls and nature.

  14. Spencer
    if i could undertake any sporting adventure it would be martial arts because it is an adventure to travel to tournaments and compete with people around the world.

  15. Logan:
    if I could undertake any sporting adventure it would be extreme seadooing

  16. Isaac :-)

    i would like to explore all of Canada on a mountain or hard tail bicycle i wouldn't care what type of terrain but i would prefer one that has lots of bush trails and other kool terrain like rocks :p

  17. if i could undertake any extreme sport it would bekite snow boarding becease you could do back flips with out jumping that far off the ground.I would also like to do this because you can jump higher and have more hang time.

    BY: Jonathan ;)

  18. Robert:I would do snowcross because I grew up riding snowmobiles and I love the sport.

  19. Hailey
    if i could undertake any sporting adventure i would be a gymnast in the Olympics i would do this because i love gymnastics and i like to work hard and set goals and i would love to be in the Olympics because i would be representing my country and also i would like to kick USA's butt.

  20. Kristin:

    If I could go any where I would want to go to Ireland,New Zealand because I have a lot of relatives there and for as long a I could remember I wanted to see for myself the sunset on the lake. All the pictures I've seen have been so beautiful and some day I wish I could go back with my Nana and see it for myself.