Sunday, February 10, 2013

Is Technology Making Us Lazy?

Go to the following site and read both arguments for and against technology making us lazy.  Carefully consider both sides of the argument, " Is technology making us lazy?", then vote yes or no and justify your position in the comments section.

Is Technology Making Us Lazy? Yes or No?

Once you have posted your response, read the responses posted by your peers and reply thoughtfully to at least two other students.  Compliment strong points, make connections, ask questions and build on ideas shared!

Mr. Boettger  :-)


  1. i chose yes it is making us lazy because for example if i need information on a person people now just use the internet other then going to a library and researching the person using a book.
    jako6660 lol

  2. I think technology is making us lazy because instead of walking to the store to get the paper or walk to the end of the drive way we can just pull out something called and iphone and check the news from there or get tv and check there and now there building robots eventually we wont have to do anything robots can cook our food get get grocies and protect from a home invasion and eventualy people are going to lose jobs because are to going to take over there jobs. this my point of view of how are technology and how its making us lazy.
    nath8760 wazz up

  3. I think that technology is making us lazy because.. For example, some people could just sit on there coach all day and eat and play on there computer/iPod/phone or even xbox. As they eat they are just sitting there and they sit there after too so they could get fat because they never work any of it off. Also back in the day they would have to go out side to see if it was warm or cold now you could just pop out your phone and cheak so again... you can't get out of your bed 2 minutes early just to stick your hand outside.

  4. i think that technology these days are making us lazy because people would brob walk over to the lap top or phone and search where the would like to go and how to get there from the local location. with what we havew now there is technology that will cook your food in half the time or even less and that is a microvave.its not like my mom decribe it was very cold and the oven would be the fasts thing to do and less expensive because microvaves us up electricity and alot.


  5. I think that technology is making us lazy.
    I think that most kids have a phone or ipod and are constently usng it. It is taking away our exercise in a way, because some kids would rather use their electronics. But in a way I think it is helpful to use for school reaserch, and keeping in touch with your friends.

  6. i think that technology is making people lazy because the moment they are done everything they have to do they get out their phone or iPod and start to text or play games and can't take it away. also because they might have had it for a long time to really love it and the not like it any more but people who just got an iPod or phone really get addicted. cari3480

  7. I think tecnology is making us lazy because children and adults will sit in front of the tv for hours. Also people will play game systems like XBOX all the time. people no longer send letters like they used to, insted they send text messages or call on the phone, even though the cost of a phone bill costs way more than a stamp.
    even mothers are getting lazy by microwaving a boxed supper than making there own home made meals.

  8. i think technology is making us lazy because there is so many games to play that are addicting and if we dont go on daily we might die. People also talk or text on there phone for really long and some videos are really addicting that you want to watch them over and over again.


  9. Yes I believe that technology makes us lazy. Technology makes us lazy in many different ways. One way technology makes us lazy, is people do not have to do anything in order to interact with other humans. All people have to do is lift their fingers and type a message instead of getting up and actually talking to someone. Technology also makes us lazy by distracting us. Alot of people become distracted watching a tv show, instead of going outside and being active. Therefor, in my opinion, technology is making us lazy.


  10. I know that the new stoff like exulators are so laze because you dont use your legs.A nethre thing is the new gaming sistoms because people sit theer ALL DAY!! and not geting exusise.

  11. I say no because it can not make us lazy. We choose to pass time with electronics and than we get edicted. Than we use it when we should be doing other things outside or chores.
    Therefore it is not making us, we choose to.

  12. niko576 no! because it can help people with work and help them loss weight and a lot of other things.

  13. im rory6180.
    I dont think technology makes us lazy because along with technology came exercise games that use technology to help us stay fit.

  14. Yes! i think it is makeing us lazyer because we dont have to get up and do all the stuff weused to. plus we dont need to hangout with our friends we can just text them. also theres all the activity we are loseing due to video games.


  15. I do think that technoligy is making us lazy like they make video games that say they make us more fit yet you could walk for four minutes and get more excersize so yes I thinkl it is making us lazy


  16. I do think that technoligy is making us lazy I think it makes us lazy because even if the person lives like one house away we use our phones to call them or we text them when we could take like two minuts to walk over to see if they want to hang out so ya I think it makes us lazy.


  17. I think that technology is making us lazy because if you wanted to talk to your friend you dont need to get up walk to their house and talk to them, allyour doing is usig your fingers. People now adays use technology for everything. People use it for work, school, talking everything. So yes I do think that technology is making us lazy.