Wednesday, February 6, 2013


In honour of Alexandra winning the speech competition yesterday, I thought I would do a blog post on the "Wizard of Oz".  Congratulations to you and Rory (3rd place) for doing an amazing job yesterday!  You represented our class very well!  I tip my hat to the both of you!

The world of L. Frank Baum's "The Wizard of Oz comes to life again in the upcoming film "Oz: The Great and Powerful". Set before the events of "The Wizard of Oz", the film depicts the adventures of Oscar Diggs, a stage magician who finds himself contending with real witches in the fantasy world of Oz.

Watch the trailer below and then answer the following two questions:

1.  In the trailer, the good witch Glinda encourages Oscar Diggs to let people believe he can do real magic so that he can help them. Does this dishonesty make you think Glinda isn't so good? Or are there times when white lies are good, or even necessary? Explain (That means back up your answers!!!)  :-)

2.  The character of Oscar Diggs says "I don't want to be a good man, I want to be a great one." What do you think he means by this? Does "greatness" have connotations that make it very different from "goodness"? Do you think it is better to be good or to be great? Which would you rather be?   Explain (That means back up your answers!!!) :-)

Once you have posted your response, read the responses posted by your peers and reply thoughtfully to at least two other students.  Compliment strong points, make connections, ask questions and build on ideas shared!

Mr. Boettger  :-)


  1. 1. Sometimes you have to lie because if someone asks you if you like there hair and you dont you lie and say you do.
    2. i would be a great person because being a good person is good and being a great person is better by making a DIFFRENCE in the world.

    1. Im Rory6180.
      I agree that you dont want to hurt your friends feelings by telling them its bad.

  2. 1. i dont think its good to lie because then if your in trouble and then they found ut your lieing u just get in more trouble
    2. i think its better to be great because your a famous person if your great good is like being a friendly neighbour and thats why being great is better
    nath8760 sup

  3. 1. I think it wasn't good that glinda lied because she is a good whitch and good people don't lie and then people wouldn't call her a good which any more. I don't think there is a good lie but some times I do because people can lie about it

    2. Think that good is better than great because good to me sounds Better than great.I would rather be great because great sounds better than good.

  4. 1. I think that it is bad to lie even if it is a small one. Someone could believe that they are good at a sport. For example and they go do it and then if you didn't tell them they are not that they could get embaresed. So if you told them the truth they might still try but would be aware.
    2. I would rather be great than good because great is better than good.

  5. 1Some times it is ok to lie as lone as it is .
    making them feel good
    2I thenk that he means that he wants to be the best at evry thing.I wood like to be good becaus
    I dont want to be peffet and if you are you will have to be like evry peson in the world.


  6. 1. I think that it's bad to lie. No matter the case you're in, you should always tell the truth because it could end up hurting someone you are close to. Even a little white lie is bad, it can turn into one big lie and then you'll get caught with you.

    2. I would rather be great than good because if you're great, you'll get to be beter than other people. :$ I think that being great is better because great is better than good. :$


  7. 1)i think it was bad for him to lie because because if someone asked him to show some magic he can't because he is not a real wizerd.

    2)i think it is better to be great then good because you can do anything


  8. 1 No I do not think that the dishonesty makes Glinda bad because sometimes if you let someone believe something it's better for them than telling the truth. It can sometimes be good because in this case it gives all the munchkins hope.

    2 I think diggs means it is good to be good but when you are great you can feel better about yourself and more proud. I think it would be better to be great than good because you could be helpful or virtually anything.

  9. 1. I think that sometimes you should lie such as in the book we're reading Bully Boys Luteinet Fitsgiben lies to his enemy to scare them which will increase the chance of them wining. So maybe that is what Glinda is trying to do.
    2. I think greatness mean's that you over exel at something or you can do as your career and goodness mean's that you are good but will not go far with it in your life.

  10. noah6130
    #1. I think that little white lies can be good because they can stop you from being imbarresed. ex... if your are cryingyou can make up a little lie on why you are.

  11. 1. i think that even though glinda said that oscar should lie still keeps her good because if she told oscar not to lie then the people wouldn't have believed him that he wanted to help.
    2. i think that oscar means that good isn't good enough for him. i think it would be better to be good because good is good enough, like you don't have to be perfect to do things.

  12. i think in this case it is okay for the good witch to lie and say the man can do real magic because if she told the people of emareld city the truth than everyone would freak out and panic so she is just ceeping order in the city.

    i think the man means he wants to be beter than the rest of the men when he says "i don't want to be a good man,i want to be a great man".

  13. 1) I think it is never okay to lie. Even if its a small lie, it can turn into something bigger and you just end up in more trouble.

    2) I would want to be a good person better than a great person because nobody is perfect, and so I wouldn't want to act like I am.


  14. 1. I think little white lies are good because if you do not want to make someone feel bad you can always say a good thing about it. Glinda wanted to help the people of oz by not making them panic, she told them "Oscar Diggs" was a great and powerful man.
    2. When "Oscar Diggs" said "I don't want to be a good man, I want to be a great one." I think he meant that being good means that you don’t have room for improvement and he wants to believe he does not need to improve on anything! I think that being good is better because, I believe having room for improvement helps you become stronger in life.
    From Alex6120

  15. I think whit lise are not bad if thay are litel is ok to tell won wons and a wilu.

  16. 1.I think that Glinda told Oscar to tell the lies but if said they aren't real that the people might not believe him and wont trust him.

    2. I think Oscar wants to be a great person because he thinks that being good is not good enough for him. I would rather be a good person because i dont want to perfect at everything in life.


  17. SEAN6100! =0 wow!!!!!!11!!one!!
    1. Lying is NEVER okay. Even if it is for the greater good it is still not okay. So Glinda wouldn't be so good.
    2. Oscar wants to be better than good men so that is what he meant.

  18. Im Rory6180.
    1 I think lieing can be necessary if it is for the good of people. Like in the spy buisness you may need to lie a lot to save people.
    2 I imagine a "good man" as meaning "OK man". A "Great man" would mean being extrordinary to me.

  19. 1. The fact that Glenda tells Oscar to lie doesn't make me think she is bad. The reason I think this is because, when he lies about being magic, he is helping people help them selves, and that is good because it lets people know they can achieve what they want, even if they don't have miracles.
    I actually think that it is better that it is better that he lies about it because when they believe it is possible (from the "magic"), they make it come true.

    2. I think by great he means he wants to do great things, by helping people. But, that is not to say he doesn't make mistakes.
    I would want to be great because, even though there may still be room for improvement, you can do great things.


  20. I think it is okay to lie like if you didnt like somethinkg your friend made and you didnt like it but you knew if you told them that you didnt like it you would hurt their feeling.
    2. Greatness is better then goodness because being great is better then being good because put then self before everyone els and good people dont always do that. i would rather be a great man.


  21. I think that it is ok to tell a little white lie as long as it is a good one. And what I mean by that is if someone did somthing that they didnt do very well on then it is still ok to tell them that they did well on it.

    I think that he mean that he wants to be better than just a normal person to be great not good. I think that there is a difference between being good and being great. Yes, I think that it is better to be great that good because if someone says that they want to be good at something that they will practice and work on it a little, but if someone says that they want to be great at something that they will practice everyday and try to be the best at it.