Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kid Tsunami Survivors

Some Japanese tsunami victims had to leave everything behind, including their houses and all of their things.  I would like you to think about the things that you value.

Imagine that you are collecting donations to send to kids who lost their possessions in the tsunami.  Brainstorm at list of at least 5 objects that you could send them to make them feel at home.  Start by thinking of things that you love and value.  Be creative and remember to think about the small things in life that help you keep a positive attitude.

Once you have posted your response, read the responses posted by your peers and reply thoughtfully to at least two other students.  Compliment strong points, make connections, ask questions and build on ideas shared!

Mr. Boettger  :-)


  1. if i could send stuff i would send blankets for sleeping, food to stay alive, wood for shelter, clothes for warmth and books for edution.

  2. Im rory6180.
    I would send them,
    1 dried meat because it doesn't spoil
    2 clean water for drinking
    3 a cot and bedding
    4 stuffed animal to keep spirits high
    5 pencil and paper to play games with

  3. 1. picture of there family 2. poster 3. teddy bear 4. blanket 5. cloths niko6150

  4. 1. toilet paper
    2. clean water
    3. clothes/blankets
    5.sleeping bags/cots


  5. #1.The things i value most are my family,things like photographs and things that have been in the family for a long time, also my electronics and my bike and my sports ecwipment.
    #2.I would send a radio because i love music and music often gives people an emotional boost. i would send food,blankets,and cleen water. Also i would send a soccer ball and tether ball ecwipment.

  6. 1. Fresh water
    2. soap
    3. caned food
    4. blankets
    5. new clothes


  7. If I were to send 5 items they would be a camera to capture speacial moments and to give them something to do.
    A jacket.
    A picture frame.
    A watch.
    A soccer ball.

  8. I value my family,my bike,picture,my DS and Ipod.

    I would give them food, clean water, soccer balls, blankets,and wood and other things to re build.

  9. 1. A Teddy Bear
    2. A Blanket
    3. Clothes
    4. A Radio
    5. Soccer Ball


  10. 1 Thing I can give is food.
    2 Is water.
    3 Is toys.
    4 Is money.
    5 Is some stof to biled with.


  11. Paig1440
    If I were able to send five things to help the kids in Japan it would be,

    #1- A ball- I would send them a ball so that they would have somthing to play with and have somthing to do.

    #2- I would send them colouring stuff so that they would have somthing to do if it was raining or if they wanted somthing to do if they were sick.

    #3- A stuffy- I would send them a stuffy because if they were upset or worried they would have somthing to hold on to.

    #4- If I could, I would send them a play ground. The reason why is because they could go outside and play if they wanted to.

    #5- If I were able to figure out some of the things that were in their house that they really wanted back I would send that to them.

  12. sean6100
    1. I would send books
    2. I would sent cameras
    3. I would send stuffed animals
    4. I would send T.V.s
    5. I would send radios
    Those are all things that I value.

  13. Some things i think i would like to get to confort me are one i think i would like to get or somthing i value are sports so i think i would send some sport stuff like hockey sticks and a ball or a soccer ball. another thing i value are art so i would like to send some art supplies. A third thing i would like to send areT.Vs to keep up with the world or have a laugh on a funny show.A forth thing i would like to send are books because i love to read and last but not least i would like to send is fresh water because i know that a power plaint exploded in the tsunami and the radiation ruined there water so i would like to send fresh water.


  14. I would send to the people in japan.
    ~Bedding, sheets and stuff like that
    ~food and siplys
    ~some money so they can get there homes restarted and get some other siplys.


  15. nath8760 i would send balls

  16. I would send them
    1.teddy bears to the kids so they would feel better
    2.Food because the tsunami/radiation would have ruined most.
    3. drinking water.
    4. I would donate some money for essentials like bedding clothes and toward a new home
    5. Finally toys to keep them occupyed


  17. Some things that I would send to Japan would be:
    Food- To occupy their health.
    Water- To keep them hydrated.
    Blankets- To keep them warm.
    Toys- To give ti the kids.
    Money- To help make replace everything.

  18. Five things I would send to Japan are:
    1. A letter: saying everything will be ok and that many people all around the world are doing everything they can to help.
    2. A teddy bear: to keep them company.
    3. A drum: to play on.. music always makes me happy.
    4. A colouring book: to keep them occupied,
    5. A chocolate bar: to make them happy.... I think chocolate makes everyone happy:)