Monday, March 18, 2013

The Fun Theory

The Fun Theory is a Volkswagen initiative and it is dedicated to the thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people's behaviour for the better. What do you think?

Watch the following videos and then answer this week's blog question:

Find the fun:

Now it's your turn to try the fun theory. Choose a task that is typically boring and make it fun! Describe why your game or "angle" on the chore is more entertaining.

Good luck!

Mr. Boettger :-)


  1. niko5160 i would choose dishes so every time you put them in the dish washer you hear a cool song that you like

  2. instead of doing boring math in class we cand do it in the gym in a fun way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we can play dodge ball with 1/4 2/4 3/4 and 4/4 balls but when u pick up one u have to say the right size of fraction it is

  3. Im rory6180.
    i would take a laundry basket and turn it into a basketball net. There would be a point system and it would make putting your laundry away much more fun.

  4. Something I find borring is turning lites off. So what if you could add a noise that sounds like something be electricuted. That would make it fun and save power.

  5. i think that waking is boring because when we walk you cant really do anything like play a game on your phone or ipod. what i was think is that if u get bored when u walk then there will be a fun activity every 50 meters and there will be like a drumb there and insramints at it to and the next one will have a little tv that will tell u a map and will have little games. this willhelp for kids to walk because u can tell them that there is a game up ahead and they will want to get to it so they can play


  6. If I can make som thing more fun it would be sitting in a shcool plastic chair.I would turn it into a ball mounted to the floor.So the time you want to have some fun you can bounce.

  7. sean6100
    I find doing dishes is boring. I could make it more fun by: Listening to my iPod and watching a movie.

  8. a problem that we have is that a lot of people use there cars even though they can get to the place they want to get they can ride a bike. So what i would make is a bike that has music that plays when you ride and when you have your helmet on becausethere is a little camera that makes sure you are whereing a helmet. you might be lucky because if you buy one which is blue, green, or red then you get a prize, but it only lasts until May 25 2013.

  9. i dont like brushing my teeth so that would be somthing i would like to change i would make is so that when you are finished it shows you what percentage of your mouth was cleaned and it shows what you missed and it rates you so you can beat your score


  10. noah6130
    I think it is a great idea. I can find school boring so I think we should get big bouncy balls for chairs. Also I think the desks should have water dispensers

  11. Something that is not fun at home that I do at home is putting away the dishes. I think a fun way of doing that would be if you put the dishes in the dish rack it makes a noise that said. "wow great job" or something like that..And then at the end of putting them away it gives you candy.. But after you eat the whole bag you have to buy more to put in.

  12. i think brushing your teeth is boaring... so i would make toothpast that glows in the dark and you could bye any colour you lik. Also i would make a tooth brush that says enceriging things like "good job" or " squeeky cleen" and stuf like that.

  13. Something boring that could be turned into fun is,
    You could make this fun by having the vaccum play music while doing it, and the more dirt you suck up you get to get more songs.

  14. I think the fun theory is a good idea because it gets people to change ways but just makes it seem like fun.

    The thing that I would make fun is school desks. I would make them big, un-breakable tablets. To write you would either type or take a special marker and write. To get a work sheet the teacher would send them to your desk. To open a douatang you would click on it and so on. This would prevent the loss of important papers and would also be fun.


  15. I think that the fun idea is an amazing idea!Its a great way to make our world better.

    One of the things that I would do would be like naom6110 said was give each kid a I-pad. These would be good for the enviroment because were wouldn't be using paper and I would make them solar power.

    Another thing that I dont like doing is cleaning bathrooms. I was thinking that the spray that you use would be colourful and so would the paper towels. Also for every time that you put a dirty used paper towel in the compost you would earn points. But to make it good for the environment you have to have the "least" amount of points like golf so the less paper towels you use to clean an area the more points you would win.


  16. I think i would make doing the laundry more fun by evry time you put something in the dryer it talks to you and says funny things and jokes.

  17. One thing I would do to make copying down things at school really fun is make the top of a desk either a smart board or an Ipod. The reason I chose this is because when we copy things down everyone is always like "awe this is so boring" but copying them down on an iPod or smart board would be something new for a change.