Sunday, September 15, 2013

Animal Testing - Yes or No?

The human brain has over 100 billion nerve cells - it is the most complex organ in the human body. Scientists spend a great deal of time studying the human brain and, while they have discovered a lot, they have yet to fully master and understand this remarkable organ. Understanding the connection between brain cells, behavior and disease is important and scientists have developed a variety of new techniques that will help them map brain activity.

Watch the video and then answer the following questions:

In the video you saw laboratory tests being conducted on mice.

1.  Are you 'for' or 'against' scientific tests on animals?
2.  If scientists were not able to test on animals, how would they conduct their experiments?
3.  Are there any instances when you would support animal testing?

Once you have completed your selections and posted your explanation, read and respond to at least 2 peers.

Mr. Boettger  :-)


  1. alys6460 i am not for animal testing because how would you like it if you had a huge thing on your head that could kill you? i'm pretty sure that you would not like it.
    2.i am not really sure how they would conduct their experiments but i think that they would do what the states do and pay people to be experiment testers. i think it is 100% unfair to animals to be tested on no matter what.

    1. I disagree animals and humans are equal so why ask people to possibly die for a little money?


  2. ilys6370

    Animal testing is wrong, no matter how you swing it it is still wrong. Animals and humans are equal so if scientists dont test on humans why test on animals?
    Scientists will be able to find a way to do thier tests without animals , what about all the technology we have today? Where does that come to use? What about Medical Paitents who know they are not going to survive? Couldnt scientists ask them for permission to do a test on them? If they know the doctors wont be able to save them?
    The only way I would agree to have an animal tested for cancer cures or some desiase is if they had a desiase that could kill them anyways. Testing to know if a shampoo or toothpaste will sting someones eyes no scientists should be able to figure out which ingredents sting peoples eyes? They have been making theese products for a while?
    Animal testing is just wrong and shouldnt be leagal as i said animals and humans are equals, would you like to be tested on?

  3. kait6431
    1 no i am not for scientific tests on animals it is NOT right to make them suffer just because you are.
    2 well for one there are lots of people who donate there body once there dead for things like this,or use the technoligie you are so lucky to have and analise it with that some how the point is there are other ways!
    3 NO there are no circumstances where i suport animal testing just because one person is suffering does not mean others have to.

  4. hail8951
    1. I am against animal testing because it is crule to use an animal that has done nothing to you, but in the end you could end up killing the animal.
    2.if they are not able to use animal they should make some sort of fake human that is just like a real one so if the product doesnt work there skin will burn just like it would a real human or an animal.
    3. no not at any point in time would i ever support animal testing because it is very crule.

    1. that is so true haili why cant they make a fake human???? aly6460

    2. true with all the technology we have today recreate a human or clone someone they are geting closer to that right?


  5. 1 no i am not against scientific tests on animals because we could be that much closer to solving alot of medical problems and we would be ahead in science
    2 if scientist wouldn't be able to do experaments on animals they would have to pay people to do experament or force people to do it
    3 it is a good thing they do animal testing because it could cure cancer and we would all have way more privulages .....................................

  6. COLE


  7. tyle6501
    1.I am for animal testing because there are lots of animals in the world and if you keep useing rats it is no worry because there are lots of them and there a pest to get ride of.
    2.They would probably have to just use hummans or commputers to do there studys because there is not really any other way to test
    3. I will always support animal testing because all other ways risk our lives.

    1. i disagree only because ya there is lots of rats in the world but if we keep killing them there won't be any left and that would mess up the whole food chain

    2. i dissagree because if you keep using them soon they could soon not be in are food chain anymore and it coulkd disstroy the hole food chain

  8. Tann6470

    Q: 1. Are you 'for' or 'against' scientific tests on animals?
    2. If scientists were not able to test on animals, how would they conduct their experiments?
    3. Are there any instances when you would support animal testing?

    1. I do not think animal testing is right because if the tests do not go well the animals will get severely hurt or even die.

    2. if sceintist could not not test it on animals they could use volenter humuns or even test it on them self.ble

    3. no i would not support animal testing because it is terrible and animals have familys also

  9. I am against animal testing because it's not fair to hurt an inocent animal just to make money. Imagine animals taking a human out of thier home to test them, it's the same thing.
    Scientists can test it on plants or non living things.They are scientists they should be able to figure out something else to use.
    The only time I would agree with that if it wouldn't hurt the animal or if it was for a killing disease like cancer. Emil8991

  10. bend6550
    In the world there are thing's I think should, and shouldn't be done. I think that animal testing shouldn't be done. I think so because to me I don't see any good reason to be putting anything in a live mouses head. I agree that it is neat to see inside the mouses brain when its moving, but what is the purpose of that? Is it for our entertainment? Is it helping cure cancer? All I see it doing is sticking a wire in a poor mouses head. I think that scientists should try to do expariments on plants or anything else that would respond to makeup and other things. I think that we don't need makeup because it is trying to make us look differently then we are. If all plants, animals, humans, and other living things were dying then I would support them doing the expariments that need to be done.

    1. wow everything that you just said is true because we dont need makeup why kill an animal just because people want to change something on our face?!

  11. Etha7910

    I dont think you should do tests on animals because if the test goes wrong then thats not fair for the animal.
    If they couldn't conduct experiments on animals then they would have to use it on humans and thats not a very good idea either. I would support animal testing if you have to test on animals and you have no other choice.

    1. raza1870
      I agree. I do not think it is fair for the animal because they can die.

  12. Ryan
    1. i'm against aniamils being treated porly i think if they do it to aniamils they should do it there self so they don't kill aniamils
    2. it would mean that they would do it to humans not aniamils
    3. yes only when they gartie no aniamils get hurt

  13. dyll5030
    1. yoshould not do scientific tests on animals.
    2. i would use a dummie because its like a fake person
    3. i would not test animals because the could get hurt

  14. reha6640

    1. I think animal testing is cruel, therfore Im against it. The reason I think this is disgraceful is because animals are living brething things too. They may act different, and have different habitats, but i still think its terrible to test on animals. I think its just as bad to test on humans. I think this because animals have many similaries to humans, the way they act to the way they look. Example: Gorillas, monkeys etc. have many human features. They even use their fingers like us too. I think its unaccetable to use animals for experiments, if a human is going to use it, test it on a human. If youre going to put an animal at risk, why not a human. I know that there are MANY differences between humans and animals, but i will never change my opinion about this. It is terrible to put animals in pain.
    2. Scientest COULD test on humans, but obviously they wouldnt just lt them test they for the fun of it. Scientest would have to pay humans.
    Im assuming they could test somethings on plants, and if its possible they can, they should test on plants.
    3. No there is not, which ever ways it goes, i think its still terrible.

    1. raza1870
      I agree with you. Animals are living things and are equal to humans.

  15. ryan6360
    1. In my opinion I am not a fan of animal testing for cosmetics,medicines and science studies, because it is not fair for the animals because imagine if you had a microscope attached to your head or perfume sprayed all over you against your will and lastly drink a harmful and take illnese from it.2.they will have to test it on computers or humans all though it cold harm us because they can't use animals3.I will never support animal testing because its wrong

  16. raza1870
    1. No I do not think animal testing is right because it can hurt the animal and it is not fair to the animal and if you had a microscope attached to your head I do not think you would like it. Also because if something goes wrong it could kill the animal. When it comes to feeling pain animals and humans are equal.
    2. If scientists could not test on animals they could test on humans that should get paid a lot of money for offering their bodies for experiments.
    3. No there is no instances where I would support animal testing because it is not right to test on animals.

  17. laur1430

    1.I am not sure if I am in for animal testing or not. I read some of the other comments and everyone has either for or against. The reason why I'm against animal testing is because they are still living creatures. I think that if you had to do animal testing use the most
    populated animal so you are not causing the animals to be extinct. The reason why I am for animal testing is because who else are we going to test on or are we just going to let cancer and other dieses spread? Then I was thinking, why not let humans do tests on other humans.
    You don't have to have tests on you if you don't want to but I think if people wanted to have tests done on them they can just sign a contract saying if you get ill or die they are not responsible. This way if there are like 10,000 people that sign up you can use less animals. I don't think they should do tests on TEAR FREE shampoo because if they have already made TEAR FREE shampoo then why do you still do tests.

    2.Well as I just explained surely some people would be willing to sign up for animal tests so they just sign a contract saying if you get sick or die its not there responsibility. Of course its not like you have to do it you have a choice so I said about 10,000 people might sign up in a year or two.

    3.I think that I would support animal testing if everyone was sick and the only cure would be to test animals.


  18. blak8960
    1.I'm for scientific testing on animals because the scientists are doing the tests on little animals like mice and it's not causing us any harm.
    2.If scientists could not do tests on animals they would probably test the device on people that are close to dying or they could make an application for people that wanted to be tested.
    3. Yes but only if it was on animals that don't matter like mice because they easily reproduce and it doesn't affect us.

  19. cait6530

    1. I do not think animal testing is right because animals everyday have to have microscopes and stuff atached to them and they have to have stuff sprayed on them image how hard that would be.

    2. If people were not able to use animals to test stuff I don't know what they would use because people have been using animals for a long time to find out what they need to find out about diseases and stuff but what people don't relize is that animals are dying of diseases everyday because people are carelessy using them for research.

    3. No, because I think it is unfair to animals to have to suffer this way so scientists can find a way to find out what happens when you get a certain disease and so they can find a way to cure it.

  20. kins8770
    1. i am againest animal testing because, if the prouduct is for people then why not try it out on animals.
    2.if they did not use animals they chould try it on people or othe living things
    3. i would support animal if it was somthing that ni wanted to buy or use

  21. Jenn6521,
    1. I think it is terrible to use animals for research. rats have lives too. you wouldn't do test like that on a baby would you? i dont think so!! how is a mouse any different?
    2. We know that the brain workds don't we? we schouldn't need to know anymore than that.
    3. no way!!!!

  22. 1. I think that using animals for testing should be illegal because the animals have no choice they are stuck doing this but they would never do this on any humans, but humans and animals are the same.
    2. If scientist couldn't test on animals i think they actually migth use humans.
    3. No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! animals shouldn't have to suffer with testing on them what if we tested on the scientist instead. emil6411