Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Role Models?

Many athletes and celebrities fall into the category of role models, regardless if they choose to be or not and I find this to be an extremely interesting topic.  Watch the Lebron James commercial below and answer the following questions:

1. Do you think that celebrities/athletes make good role models?
2. Do you look up to any celebrities/athletes?  If so, tell me why.  If not, tell me why.  :-)
3. Do you think they should assume the responsibility of acting as a role model to young kids, regardless if they want to or not?

*cough..cough*  Don't forget to put the question in your answer! :-)

Once you have posted your response, read the responses posted by your peers and reply thoughtfully to at least two other students.  Compliment strong points, make connections, ask questions and build on ideas shared!

Mr. Boettger  :-)

- I am really looking forward to reading your responses and opinions on this one.


  1. tara3050

    I think he should be who he wants to be not to be what others want him to be. He Is Him not anyone else so He Should Be Him.

    I think some people can be role models if they want If they try!!! I don't have a role model because when you have a role model you follow them and I don't want to have to follow anyone I want to be me and who/how I want to be me.
    Some people could be role models to little children.....but....... for little children anything can be RIGHT and some things are WRONG. So if children follow people who are doing things wrong (Justin Beiber) then they could get into trouble like that person is.

  2. laur8691
    I think celebrities/athletes do make good role models, because they can have a huge impact on children, but to be a good role model they need to be good people
    I do look up to Laura Tomlinson because she is an exceptional rider and she is who I want to be like
    i think they should assume the responsibility of acting as a role model to young kids, regardless if they want to or not? because they will be idolized because that's who people want to be.

  3. dust0980
    I think athletes can be role models because kids look up to them, i personally look up to the Toronto Blue Jays back catcher Russel Martin, because he is Canadian and very skilled I hope some day be in his position and be the Jays #1 back catcher! I think that they should assume the position of a role model because kids will look up to you no matter if you like it or not.

  4. gare1900,
    1.yes I think that some celebrities can be good roll models but there are some bad roll models to like ones that do drugs because they have so much money.
    2. no I do not look up to any people/athletes because I choose do what I want to do and not become what I don't want to be a person that looks up to himself and not to other people and If I see something that I want to do I will try to do that by myself.
    3. yes I think that he should be a good role because people look up to him

  5. marl0190
    i think that some famous people make good role modles.(not Justin beiber)
    no I do not look up to anyone because I believe that I should be myself and not anyone else.

  6. jenn0362
    1. I think celebrities and athletes make good role models some times. Some celebrities and athletes are not good athletes because they make very poor choices and end up heading down the wrong path. This makes young kids want to do the same thing so they can be like their favorite celebrities and athletes. But when an athlete or celebrity makes good choices it makes kids make good choices and when celebrities support important global causes it makes kids support these causes. So, yes I think some celebrities and athletes make good role models.

    2. I have a celebrity role model who has made good choices and supports an important cause. My role model is Martina McBride because she is a very famous country singer. She dresses modest for her shows and concerts, and all of her songs are about a good topic like domestic violence. Martina McBride also supports different causes to end violence against women and children. That's why I look up to her as a role model.

    3.I think that if kids do look up to celebrities and athletes they should start acting responsible and making good choices even if they don't want to become a role model. If they don't believe they should be role models they should speak out and explain their point of view on the topic.

  7. etha0440
    1. I think most athletes are good role models but some are not and some celebitrties are but some re not.
    2. No because I am trying to live my own life but I do like to watch certain people play.
    3. Yes or kids will be bad like some of them.

  8. alai1860;
    1. I think that celebrities and athletes make good role models because they encourage you in what you want to do.
    2. No I don't look up to any celebrities because I haven't found someone that does what i want to do and how i want to do it.
    3. I think it's there choice if they want to be a role model to young kids or not.

  9. tayl1920
    I think famous people can be good role models because of good things they do like charity

    I do not look up to a famous person as a role model because my role model is my parents because I think they have done good things and I respect them

    yes famous people should be role models because there will be lots of little kids and people that look up to them and that might give them inspiration when there older so they can do great things.

  10. anys8250:
    1) I don't really think athletes make good role models. I don't think athletes make good role models because they haven't really done anything good for the world. They just play because it's fun, not for good causes or anything. Also, if they donate some of their money to charity then they would be good role models because that's showing kids that they don't keep all that money they make.
    2) I don't have a celebrity or athlete as a role model because I don't really watch sports and usually celebrities just want attention or turn into not very good role models.
    3) I think it's their decision and their life so they can do whatever they want to.

  11. sydn1320

    #1. Well, some do and some don't. For example some athletes through temper tantrums, same with celebrities. On the other hand, they can be very nice, and have good sportsmen ship, and if they make a mistake own up to it and except the consequences.
    #2. I look up to Carrie Underwood because she represents what I want to be, and she does not get into trouble with the law.
    #3. I think that it is their choice whether or not they want to be a role model, but people can still look up to him that is their choice.

  12. ashl1881
    1) I think if they don't do drugs or make bad decisions than they make good role models.
    2)I don't really know very many celebrates /athletes and the few that I don't know do drugs and make lots of bad decisions. so I don't think very many make good role models.
    3) I think if they don't want to be role models they shouldn't have to it their decision.

  13. owen1422
    no, I do not think that celebrities/athletes are good role models. playing a sport is there job. it is the same as going to some ones work place and calling them there biggest fan. every human is imperfect so we should not make them our role models, because somewhere down the road they will stumble and fall then a lot of people will hate him. I do not have any famous role models.

  14. stef5580
    1 I think that celebrities/athletes should be role models because if people did not have a role model or someone to look up to they will not now that their dream/goal is possible.
    2 i look up to celebrities because they make some good choices and i could make some good choices too.
    3 i think that they should be an role model if they want or not because if he wants he can but if he does not he does not have to.

  15. joha2780
    i dont think that famous people make good role models because a lot of them do drugs i think they should be good for kids because if kids look at them and see bad stuff they might do it

  16. conn8841
    1. I think that some celebrities or athletes are role models but the ones that do drugs or drink alcohol are not.
    2. my role model is the whole team of Boston Red Sox because baseball was the first sport I played and the Red Sox was the first team I went to see there game.
    3.yes because if a kid looks up to them and there role model does drugs or something they might follow what the are doing.

  17. cade8790
    1. I do think that celebs/athletes make good role models because most kids look up to them and they want to follow in their footsteps. So if they continue what there doing then maybe even more kids would look up to them.
    2. I don't look up to any celebs/athletes because I would rather follow my own dreams.
    3. I don't think that celebs/athletes should have to be role models if they dont want to because its there life and they can pick what they want to do with it