Sunday, November 13, 2011

From Subway Guy to Marathon Man

Watch the short video and then answer the following questions below:

1.  Training for a marathon takes months of dedication, training and a healthy lifestyle. Think of a time you worked hard to achieve a goal. Describe that experience, including what your goal was and what steps you took to achieve it.

2.  To run a marathon, you have to be in good shape. Brainstorm ways people can live a healthy lifestyle, including what they eat, drink and their day-to-day activities.  Create a list of 5 health tips for Jared and explain why each tip will help the athlete succeed in their fitness goal.

As always, I look forward to reading your thoughts!

Mr. Boettger  :-)


  1. Yasmeen

    1. I worked hard once to reach a certain amount of money so i could get a hole bunch of cool stuff i wanted for a long time. Some ways i archived my goal was that i did house work, saved up after holidays, and would have good behavior:D.

    2.Five goals are
    1.Eat healthy
    2.Stay in shape
    3.Work out
    4.believe yourself
    5.Be Committed

  2. Kirsten:

    1. My goal was to run all around Waverly (it's not very big in the first place). I wasn't up for the challenge at first but i pushed myself to go through with it. I started at my house then i ran to my grandma's house, then i ran up Vasey hill, then i ran down it and ran all the way around the block. All i needed was confidence in myself.

    2. *eat healthy foods such as fruits and
    *excersize daily or make up a schedule
    *don't eat unhealthy foods
    These tips will keep you muscular and they will keep you at a reeadonalbe body weight.

  3. Emily F:


    in 2010 i was in a triathlon and i had to work a lot to do my best in that i practiced riding my bike with my mom i had to go to the Y.M.C.A and practice my swimming and my mom and would go out for runs in the park. my goal in the triathlon was to not come in last and keep going and not to give up i did achieve my goal i got 32 out of 50 something girls in my age group.

    Question 2:

    health tips-
    1- don't eat junk food eat fruit and vegetable and make sure have lots of protein.

    2- make sure train for the event and stay fit before the event.

    3-make sure you keep hydrated and drink lots of water and milk to keep your bones strong.

    4- make a goal and then put your goal on a chart and monitor what you have to do to achieve your goal.

    5- get someone to test you on how and what you are doing to achieve your goal and if you fail at your test keep trying and don't give up.

  4. Wellzy

    1. One of my goals that i have a achieved was to not let my feet touch the ground well i did 24 laps in twelve minutes. I achieved that goal by thinking I was in a happy place and there was no one but me in the pool but then i got kicked in the hip so i told my self that i could do it and that i was not a lair so i had to prove that i don't lie and that is how i achieved my goal.

    2. Jared here are 5 reason or thing why and how to stay in shape.
    1.Eat stuff like salad and thing with low fat that is important because that way it will keep you in shape/healthy
    2. Go for a 45minute jog/walk/RUN to keep your heat beat up high. that is important because you need to keep you r heart rate up.
    3.Drink lots lots of water so you stay hydrated lots of stretches so you don't pull a muscle
    5. get lots of rest so you don't become sleep deprived (over tired).

  5. Lauren:
    1. One goal I have had that made me work very hard was to achive was when I wanted to understand math better so I went to a math class on Saturday mornings and then i had a toter.

    2. 5 health tips
    1. eat lots of fruit and vegetables
    2. drink lots of water
    3. do a lot of exercise ( bike, run, walk...)
    4. do lots of stretching
    5. get a good sleep

  6. 1.This year I worked really hard training for cross country. I went running lots and got better. I would try my best to become a better runner.

    2. -Eat in moderation and lots of fruits and vegetables.
    -go for longer and longer runs every day
    - strech before running
    - no really fatning foods
    -get a trainer to help work out

  7. Lynsay

    1.This year in the summer I moved to a different gymnastics club in Barrie and I already had a goal on bars it was to get my kip because of the new club the equipment was different so I had to get used to the bars there and I practiced and practiced to get my kip I got rips and all but I kept trying after a while I finally got my kip i tried different techniques and accomplished my goal.

    2.Fit athletes eat healthy exercise every day but importantly they make goals . They make goals so their is something to reach for and something that will always be in their mind to make them work harder. For Jared he should eat healthy exercise and make goals for a better life.

  8. Emily v:
    1. my goal was to get better math to achieve this goal i got help after school and help my parents as i was trying to make this goal happen i had to face a lot of difficulties.
    2. In order for people to live a healthy life style they have to eat a lot of healthy foods and drink healthy drinks instead of pops and energy drinks.they can eat fruits and vegetables to make this goal complete.

  9. Kala
    1.I worked and am working hard to over come my shyness and try to voice my opinion more often I am trying to speak more out loud and talk more if I have any problems.
    2.Five tips are...
    1.Watch what you eat,eat unhealthy food in moderation.
    2.Exercise for 20 minutes a day everyday.
    3.Don't be over stressed.
    4.Don't be self conscious, it makes you fell bad and for some people you want to eat.
    5.Try your hardest to make room for physical activity every day.

  10. Robert:My goal was to land a no hander on a dirtbike and to make that goal come true i had to practis a lot it made me feel good when i made it come true. To live a halthy lifestile you have to eat halthy food and drinks and not pop and bad food.

  11. Gage
    1. After I got cut from a spring league hockey team I wanted nothing more than to make the rep team. The tryouts were in the late summer. Over the 2 months I worked as hard as I could with hockey camps at home workouts every day. In the end I made the team and was a key player on it. i have made the rep team ever since and this year i am the first or second best player. Also one of the captions.DO THE HARD WORK!! IT WILL ALWAYS PAY OFF AND NOT JUST IN SPORTS!!!! In the begging i could barley skate and look at me now!

    2. Heath tip number one: EAT HEALTHY! You work at subway and there are many healthy choices at subway where you work.
    2. Practice: When your body tells you to stop keep going! This way the next time you practice you will be able to handle what you did last time.
    3. Stay in shape! You have to stay in shape because if you get out of shape you will get fat and not be able to do the things you use to do!

  12. christian
    1 save up to 50$. i achieved it by not using it
    2 run at lest 1 km in a day.
    eat wealthy (only eat sweets at spatial days)
    run = louse callarise
    no fat foods = clean artares
    dive = expand lungs
    work out = gene strength

  13. Lizzie
    1: A time I worked hard to get a goal was this year to be the best cross country runner I could be. To achieve this goal I had to push myself every DPA to beat my last lap record. Pushing myself did result in sore muscles for many nights until my body got used to running hard.

    2: Some tips for every day fitness are,instead of taking the elevator take the stairs. Over time this will result in the loss of a few pounds. My second tip is to try to stay away from the sweets and junk foods. To get through the cravings, find a fruit or vegetable you love and eat those instead. My third tip is if a store that you need something from is close walk to it instead of taking a car. My fourth slimming tip is to ,if possible, try to fit a run or bike ride in every day. Include family members and make it a time for fitness and bonding. My fifth and final tip to fitness is to,if you have on, play a active game on a Xbox 360 with connect. this will get you moving while having fun.

  14. Spencer
    1. One time i joined the cross country ski team. i had to train hard for weeks. my goal was to get fourth place or better and i got third.Training was difficult but it was worth it in the end.
    2.Five ways people can live a healthy lifestyle, including what they eat, drink and their day-to-day activities are eating fruits and veggies;drinking home made fruit smoothies; and daily activities such as biking or walking when you get the chance.

  15. syd 8D

    question 1:Training for a marathon takes months of dedication, training and a healthy lifestyle. Think of a time you worked hard to achieve a goal. Describe that experience, including what your goal was and what steps you took to achieve it.
    one goal in my life is that i need to clean my room and desk more because i have a hard time doing that.

    question 2:
    To run a marathon, you have to be in good shape. Brainstorm ways people can live a healthy lifestyle, including what they eat, drink and their day-to-day activities. Create a list of 5 health tips for Jared and explain why each tip will help the athlete succeed in their fitness goal.
    the five tips are ....
    1.make sure you eat healthy foods every day should get 60 minutes of exercise every day
    3. make sure you drink lots of water
    4.don't over work your self
    5. makes goals so you have something to look forward to.
    these are five tips to stay heathly.

    syd 8D

  16. hailey
    1:in 2011 i made a goal to get my back walkover to achieve this goal i had to work,work,and more work at my house, my friends and gymnastics at my house i would practice on my trampoline and are work out room .At my friends house they would spot me to achive this goal i needed to make a goal sheet and practice,practice,and more practice that is how i accomplished.
    2:1 you can make a goal sheet and sign it 2 you can tell your mom to make u work 3 ask your mom to give you a present for accomplishing your goal 4

  17. Kristin:
    1. One goal i had for myself is to read at least 10 books during the summer. During the summer i usually like to relax and enjoy the fact that i won't have to read or write for another 2 months. So i thought instead of just relaxing i could read a few good books and relax at the same time. At first i thought it was impossible but after i found a good book i realized that i really liked reading so instead of forcing myself to read i started reading for fun.

  18. gage:
    Tip:4 Eat and drink plenty of protein. it helps your body recover.
    5. In the marathon push yourself it is only a small bit of your life.

  19. Sarah L:

    Question One:
    One goal I had was to get my up rise on bars. We had just moved to a new gym in the summer this year. The equipment was different, but I overcame it. It took hard training and hard work, but i never gave up and eventually achieved my goal.

    Question Two:
    -Eat healthy food so you will stay healthy and not become fat.
    -Work your cardio. This will help you when you run a marathon so you don't loose your breath.
    -Drink a lot so you don't get dehydrated and get headaches. This will keep you healthy.
    -Stretch before you practice so you don't hurt yourself during the race.
    -Stay positive so you don't put yourself down and decide to quit.

  20. Kristin:
    2. Five goals can be to...
    *Eat healthy because if you don't you are not helping yourself stay fit you are just losing weight and then regaining it.
    *Exercise everyday because by exercising you are staying fit and you are helping your body stay healthy.
    * Don't over do it with the exercising because working your body is not healthy ether.
    *Reward yourself every once and a well because if you have worked so hard. You should go out for dinner or go to a movie because you deserve it.
    *Drink lots of water because you don't want to get dehydrated. That isn't good for you ether.

  21. isaac:)

    a time i worked hard to do something was when i
    wanted to land a one eighty but i couldn't so i spent almost ten hour practicing and finally landed it also watch allot of you tube videos

    2. one eat allot of vegetables because they are full of nutrients and low on carbs two exercise alot to stay in shape three not smoke because it gives u not good breath four not drink alcoholic beverages beecuse it makes u fat and five not eat out because most food i deep fryed and that also makes u fat