Monday, November 21, 2011

Turning off the Television!

Would you give up television for a year if it meant you would get straight A's?

If you vote "yes," explain why you think this sacrifice would be worthwhile. What do you watch on television that you would miss most? How would earning straight A's positively impact your life?

If you vote "no," explain why you would not sacrifice television for straight A's. Why wouldn't straight A's motivate you to turn off the television? Why is television an important part of your life? Is there something else you would sacrifice for better grades?

Once you have posted your response, you will read and reply to the responses posted by your peers the following computer period. Comment thoughtfully on at least 1 other member of the class. Compliment strong points made, ask questions, and build on ideas shared.

Remember the rules for posting information to the web:

NEVER post any personal information and use only first names please. 
-  Put the question in your answer and always write using full sentences.
- Proofread your work (watch your spelling and grammar) before you post it.
- Keep it appropriate for school.
- Have fun and be creative!

As always, I am looking forward to reading your answers!

Mr. Boettger  :-)


  1. Robert:I said no because I need tv to see what the weather forecast because I am a farmer and I need to see what the weather is.I would give up some sports a night.

  2. yes because what is the point of just siting there when you could be practicing. christian

  3. Talon
    I would not give up T.V. for A's because not every one has to be perfect also i I'm happy to have B's.I would still try to get A's also i would still watch T.V.

  4. Dustin..............I would not give up t.v for stright A's for a yaer because even if i did get A's i would still watch t.v and also t.v you can watch the news sports and much more. There are also shows that tell you important information and stuff to help you in your future :]-|-<

  5. Jaelen:

    I voted 'YES' because most parents would make you fell good about getting A's and you might even get a little reward. Also I could just watch t.v. on the computer. If I didn't get to watch t.v on the computer too, I would probably miss NCSI, or Mythbusters.

  6. Hailey
    No because I already get good grades and i need to earn them myself and in television you learn on discovery or something. Television is important because just think what would you do on the hours you don't relax and watch TV .No i can get good grades myself.

  7. Emily:


    Yes for sure i would give up watching television for a month if i got strait A's i would do this because i have better things to do than watch television and i want to do good in school. If i would always get strait A's i would give television up for a whole year. I want to grow up and be successful in life and if that's what i have to do i will in a heart beat.The shows i would miss watching on television would be The X Factor, and pretty much all of the good shows on the family channel. the show i would miss the most would be Pretty Little Liars.

  8. Emily V
    I would give up television if it meant i got straight A's because in the first place i don't watch television, because i have a lot of chores to do around the house.The show i would miss the most on television would be Phineas and ferb, I would miss this show because I think it is funny.
    This would help my life because i could get a better job and have a lot of free time at home instead of practicing to get better.

  9. syd
    question 1:What do you watch on television that you would miss most? How would earning straight A's positively impact your life?
    i voted yes, because if i got A's on everything my parents would be so happy. also because i don't need t.v that much. some t.v show i would miss the most would be glee, shake it up, nascar, and cake boss. getting A's would really impact my life in my carrier because my parents want me to be a veterinary and i have to go to collage and university.

  10. Mr.B

    I don't think I would like to give up television for straight A's because I wouldn't have felt like I really deserve it. television isn't really important in my life I just like to earn A's my self. I would sacrifice candy for better grades.


  11. Gage:

    I would not at this age because elementary school because it is only to prepare you for high school and that is when the grades count for collage. At that age i might do it.Another reason is that tv can be educational and i love watching hockey. i would not do homework and study all night. We are kids we can not sit in front of a desk for hours every night for a year.

  12. Yasmeen

    I said no because i need television to see all celebrity news,weather, and the breaking news stories every day because we need to know whats going on in life :D

  13. Logan:
    I think that I would give up T.V. because it would get me to exercise more if I didn't watch any T.V. Sometimes I just watch it because I have nothing better to do. If I had good marks my parents would be happy and they might reward me.

  14. Lynsay

    I wouldn't sacrifice television for straight A's. Because television also does give you access to news easily and because I said i wouldn't sacrifice television for straight A's I wont watch as much television and I can study and get straight A's on my own anyways while getting the latest news easily.

  15. Sarah L:
    I would give up TV if it meant I got straight A's. The reason for this is because I don't really watch TV that much and if I don't get good grades I would have to give up gymnastics, which would not be fun. I would miss the show Big Brother, this show is a game show that is over the span of the whole summer. This show is funny and competitive at the same time. I like the action and it would be hard to give it up but it would be worth while. Straight A's wouldn't impact my life that much because I have done it before but getting straight A's will keep me in gymnastics and that's all I want.

  16. Kala
    I voted yes because I believe that straight A's are more important for your education and for your future. It is more important for your job because if you don't have good grades you can't get into a good college,you can barely make it into McDonald's if you don't have a grade twelve. I would miss the shows Survivor the family channel,the discovery channel and the show How I Met Your Mother. It wouldn't impact me right now because I already try my hardest and get A's and B's.

  17. Kristin:
    Yes because i don't have T.V. and I've lived without it for 8 years now. I use to think that it was the end of the world when my parents said NO MORE TELEVISION!!! But when i got over it i realized that i don't really miss it and i didn't even watch it that much. Now i have all the time i need to finish my work and complete it with care. So if i had T.V. i would give it up for straight A's and if i needed to give up anything else to get straight A's i would because my education is more important than extra stuff like watching television.

  18. i wouldn't give up the t.v because when it gets dark there is nothing to do and i normally watch the tv or play viedo games i also think i get good enough grades isaac.t lol :0;) :0 :P :)

  19. Lizzie
    Giving up the television for straight A's would be worthwhile because it would help me later on in life. I think this because, with straight A's I could get in to college and have a good job. The show I would miss the most would be "How I Met Your Mother". It would not in packed me at this time in my life as it will in the future. It wouldn't effect me right now because I already get good grades. In the future though, like I said in the beginning,it will help me get in to college and have a good job. In conclusion I would give up television for straight A's.

  20. Jake
    i think the loss would be very helpful because i would be getting straight A's and i would get a better education.

  21. Emily V: to Emily F
    I think Emily F did a good job posting her comment because she expressed herself really well and told the reader why she would give away the TV if it meant she got straight A's for the rest of the year she used a lot of good reasons but next time she needs to add one or two more sentences.

  22. Dear Yasmeen,
    You could just read a magazine or the news. You don't need the television. Also you could just use the computer.
    From, Jaelen

  23. Hailey I totally disagree with you but I partially agree. Yes I can get good grades on my own but I don't like having to give up things.Also there is other ways to get learning articles. Those are the only reasons I disagree otherwise I agree with. Your reasoning is totally correct but at this very moment I disagree.

    ~Sarah L

  24. Emily.F to Emily.V

    i totally agree with Emily on shutting off the television to get straight A's because she said that if she did better in school she would get a better job and for sure that is true if you do better in school you will get a better job when you grow up.

  25. Lynsay: To Syd

    Even know that I said that I wouldn't give up television I agree with your opinion because you said that you can get a good job with straight A's and you said that your parents would be happy and i know that my parent would be happy too. Also you said that you would miss T.V and I know I would too so after what you said I think I would rather get straight A's. :]

  26. Sarah :)
    From Yasmeen

    Hi Sarah i some what agree with you because you have gymnastics like almost everyday and you hardly have any time to watch it, But on the other hand some people don't have after school activities like you :\
    So thank you for you option {o_o} My Owl ^_^
    (| |)

  27. Kirsten

    I voted 'YES' because my grades are more important than a television and now that it's December, i can go out and do Christmas shopping instead!! I might miss a lot of shows and when the year is over and i get to watch T.V again, i will definitely have to catch up. For those of you who said 'NO', i don't hate you or think you did the wrong thing, i would just like to see how you do without A's on your report card. This is a once in a lifetime thing and i would be taking advantage of this opportunity.

    A little something you could try:
    (> <)
    U U

  28. Sarah i agree with you because if my mom said that if i don't get good grades i would have to give up gymnastics i would die and totally get ride of my TV so i no i will always have good grades and always be able to do gymnastics. But i sum what disagree because i work well anyways and then i get both.
    from hailey

  29. Wellzy
    I said no because i already have A's and B's so i do not need strait A's. I would also not give up the TV because how else would you find out how the NHL teams are doing and watching the games, and watching the news to find out what the weather is going to be like tomorrow.

  30. Gage: comment to logan
    You do have some good reasons in your answer but if I were you I wouldn't. Kids at this age I don't think that any kid could go that long not me!! Think about all the sports and shows that you would miss. If you wanted more exercise than only watch the tv for a half an hour

  31. to Lizzie
    i agree with your response. because getting A's in school i very important for the future. because if you want a good job you have to get good grades.
    from your friend,

  32. From Lizzie to Yazzy
    Yazzy I think that you should of said yes because if you were, or anyone was to get straight A's for a year it would help them a lot. I think this because if any one was to get all A's it would help them and you to get a good job and career. At this time though I know you are thinking that it won't help you now. I know that but it will be a big boost in the future. It will also help you to be more creative in finding ways to keep your self busy.