Monday, November 7, 2011

You've Won!

Hello my trusty Grade 7's!

I thought I would do something a little different this week:

Pretend you are winning an award for doing outstanding work at school (congratulations by the way!).  Write an acceptance speech thanking everyone who helped you be a good student.  Don't forget to add in some advice for future students on what it takes to be successful.  Your acceptance speech should be approximately one paragraph long.

To get an idea of what an acceptance speech could look like - view the video below.

Remember the rules for posting information to the web:

NEVER post any personal information and use only first names please. 
-  Put the question in your answer and always write using full sentences.
- Proofread your work (watch your spelling and grammar) before you post it.
- Keep it appropriate for school.
- Have fun and be creative!

I'm looking forward to reading your answers!

Mr. Boettger  :-)


  1. Emily:
    thank you to me kind teacher who has helped me with all of the things i have needed to get better at.
    Also thank you to my fellow classmates that have helped me with thingd before my teacher could get there.
    thank you to my mom, dad, and my sisters that have helped me at home when my friends and teacher where not there


    Thank you to my teacher for helping me learn
    everyday and making me smarter and smarter. I would also like to thank my parents for encouraging me to go to school each morning even when I'm when i want to just crawl back into bed and go asleep again, and thank you for helping me with my homework when i have some which i rarely do. And finally i would like to thank my friends for making the day for me and cheering me up everyday!

    Thank you!

  3. Dustin :):0 It is an honer to get this award i guess all my harwork paid off. I have to thank my teacher for letting me stay after school

  4. Sarah L:

    Thank you, thank you. It is hard to win an award this outstanding, I am so glad you have decided to nominate me to win this award. The math award is hard you need to work hard, study hard and pay attention in class. Oh I almost forgot you also have good grades. To the future grade eights never give up, if you are one of the ones who is like me, and wants to win the math award work hard and make sure you always try your best. Good luck to the future grade eights and thank you to my wonderful teacher Mr.Boettger for helping me achieve my goal.

  5. Lauren:
    Thank you so very much for this amazing award and also thank you to all the people that made this happen like students and my very kind teacher that helped me learn and understand different things and also wonderful parents and friends. Just remember students that for the future you never give up and just keep trying your best and you will get to where you need to be!! Thank you again everyone for making this happen. :)

  6. I'd like to thank my teacher and my parents making me do my homework everyday. I think I got this award for staying focused and not handing in my work give advice tom future students to be good as me is to always be focused, even if your friend asked you to turn around and look at him, don't. thank you for giving me this award I am so great full for giving me this award.


  7. Robert:Thank you to my teacher and fellow students for giving me this award for my outstanding work. I received this award for working hard and doing my work to the best of my ability. To be successful, you have to work hard, work to the best of your ability, hand your work in on time, and try to be a good role model. Thank you Robert Graham

  8. syd 8D

    thank you, thank you. i am so happy for winning the award for trying my best. ever though don't get the best grades every time i do try to do my best.i would like to thank all my friends and family for pushing me to do my best but i would like to thank the most is Mr.Boettger because you are the one that help me get to my goal even when i almost gave up. i would also like to add is that when you try as hard as you can you will do your best. thank you so much!


  9. hailey
    thank you and i would especially want to thank my teacher Mr.Boettger , my mom and my classmates.they have helped my achieve my goal of winning the athletic award.the way you can achieve your goal is pay attention in class practice and maybe ask your if you can join a sports team at school and after school like i did i joined gymnastics and that is how can achieve your goal and i hope the future grade 8 were licensing so they can achieve there goal and again thank you so much for giving me this award.

  10. Talon

    Today I have to thank my mom,dad and my teacher for helping me achieve my goal. Today I have got a out standing school work award. I have to thank mom because she help me with getting my homework done on time also she would help me with my french.My dad would help me with my home work if i didn't get my work.Last i want to thank my teacher for getting thought the day and getting my work done.

  11. Yasmeen

    Thank you thank you everyone,
    I'm so honored to win this award!
    I would like to thank my besties for helping me, teachers, and parents!
    Without you all i wouldn't be able to archive this award without your help :D.
    May i say everyone can achieve there goal if they believe and get a bit of help!.

  12. Wellzy
    thank you for this award that you have given me for my sucsess. It means a lot to me for you guys to pressent this award to me. It took me a lot of my spair time to get my grades up high. it takes lots of studding to get up to as high as I am. I would like to thank my family and friends for helping me with my homwork and helping me get to were I am today. My advice to you is to studdy hard and studdy well so you one day could feel as good and as special as I do rate now. Once again thank you so veyr much for this award.

  13. Lynsay

    Thank you, Thank you it wasn't easy getting this award it took some work, but I strongly know that all of you could of achieved this great honor of an award. Like I said it wasn't easy I definitely couldn't do this by myself I got some help by my trusty teachers friends and parents. In order of achieving the award you have to believe and think that you can do it and, you will!!

  14. Kristin:

    Today I have been give the privilege to accept the award of outstanding school work. I would like to thank all my fellow students and my teachers for helping me through out all my years at Wyevale school. If I hadn't met these wonderful people I would not be the person I am today. For all throws people who have been having hard times with there school work or even with people bugging you about be smart, not so smart, or bugging you. I just want to say even though it is hard never give up. I know it maybe hard to just stay in school or even just trying to get through the day because remember your just there to get a great education and you'll make friends along the way and you may loses some. But really is it that your willing to make a change so big that it could change your life!

  15. Logan: Thank you for giving me this award today for outstanding work in my class. Thank you to my classmates for nominating me and my teacher for being such a good teacher. For future students, I would give them this advice. First of all, always try your hardest in everything you do. Next, try to stay organized. Finally, read and practise everything that you can at home.

  16. Kala

    Today I have been given a privilege of holding this award and thanking many people for helping me reach this point in my life. I would like to start by thanking everyone at H.C.E.S. and Wyevale Central for helping me with my school work. Also I can thanking my mom, dad and grandma for supporting me at home and encouraging me to try it even if it was frustrating, same for my teacher. Finally I would like to thank my friends for helping me through all the times I needed help. Some advice for future students would be to try your very hardest every day and have fun, Thank You All!!

  17. Jaelen Says:

    Thank-You for this amazing award. I am so thankful that I have the privilege of receiving this. First of all I would like to thank all of the teachers that I have had in the past for encouraging me to continue and giving tips to me for in the future. I would also like to thank my family and everyone that gave me that little push when I needed it. Again thank-you and I am go happy to receiving this award!

  18. Spencer
    I'm so happy to have won this award. I would like to thank a few people for making this moment possible. first i would like to thank my teacher Mr boettger for supporting me since the start. Second i would like to thank my fellow contestants for making the past few weeks of my life the best ever. I hope that i have encouraged students next year to work harder than me and will be up hear giving there speech next year. Thank you.

  19. Lizzie
    First of all I would like to thank all the teachers I have throughout the years. I would also like to thank my parents and my friends for always believing in me. You have all helped me to do my best and get this award. I hope that in the future many other students will achieve this award. All you have to do is give you best each and every day and you will succeed.

  20. Gage:
    Wow! It is nice to know that all the hard work in school I have been doing iis paying off. Thanks from me go out to my teacher who has made me learn so much and to my fellow classmates who have been there for me whenever I needed help. You guys are the reason I am standing here accepting this award right now!

  21. Jake Wallis: i would thank my mom for the great support and my teacher for being on to me to get my home work done on time and for helping me and taking his time away just to help me and i really appreciate it and i am thankful for him not giving up when i put him through grief and aggravation and i would say THANK YOU.