Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Desert Island Dilemma

If you knew you would be stranded on a desert island for 1 year, which 5 objects would you bring with you? Keep in mind that there is NO electricity on the island! Choose you objects carefully and then explain your choices in a brief paragraph.

Once you have completed your selections and posted your explanation, read and respond to at least 2 peers.

As always, I look forward to reading your responses.

Mr. Boettger  :-)


  1. I would bring:

    1. Food/water
    2. Fire
    3. Blankets/tents
    4. CLothes/swimsuit
    5. Lifejacket/swimming gear.
    I would bring these things because it's what you would need to survive. Without food and water, you would die, because you may not know if the water is drinkable, or what kind of fish you can and cannot eat. You would need fire to stay warm, and cook your food. You would need tents and blankets so you can also stay warm in the winter, and the tent for sheltur. Lifejakett and swimming stuff so you can fish and get daily exersize.

  2. 1) a gun to kill what i catch. 2)lighter to start a fire. 3)machete to chop at trees and get wood and to skin animals. niko6150

    1. You know your supposed to bring 5 items Not 3!Trin5850

  3. The 5 objects that I would bring are 1 An ax for chopping down wood and building a house. 2 A bow and arrow for small game on the island. 3 Flint and steel for fire. 4 A knife for meat and weapon. 5 clothes to wear.

  4. Cari3480
    I would bring a motorboat, fresh water and food, gas, tarp or Waterproof blankets and clothes and last thing would be tools. that's what i would bring.

  5. i would bring water, matches wood blankets and nails. Water in case i get thirsty. matches to make a fire. Blankets in case i get cold. wood and nails to build a house.


  6. Im rory6180.
    1.Duck tape, its incredibly strong and is usefull for lots of things, like making shelter crafting things out of wood, and holding things in place.
    2.My Swiss Army knife, it has many tools and a sharp knife, is small, and is easy to clean.
    3. 22.Rimfire rifle, small ammo and is good for hunting, easy to clean and is good weight.
    4. First Aid kit, which is self explanatory.
    5.A dog, great for hunting, good companion, and good for morale.

  7. The 5 items I would bring are-
    1. Motor boat, so I could get off the island
    2. A big tank of gasoline, so I wouldn't run out of gas before I got to land.
    3. A large bag, equip with big water bottle, because there is most likely fresh water some where on the island, a pack of 1000 matches, so I can cook dinner, a fist aid kit, in case I get hurt, a Swiss army knife, in case I need it, and much more.
    4. Blanket/tarp, so i can be warm and dry.
    5. A fishing rod, so I can catch dinner.


  8. I well bring
    1.flint and steel for fire
    2.a swiss army knife for making stuff tape for shelter
    4.12 gage shotgun with lots of ammo
    5.a huntting dog for grabbing food/friend/warmth

    by jame6080

  9. 1.first aid kit
    2.survival kit
    3.a hachet line and lures
    5. lighter
    i would bring the first aid kit because if i got hurt i could use it to help protect my wound from infection
    a survival kit good to bring in im going to have to survive
    a hachet i could use to chop down trees to build a shelter
    fishing line and lures i could use the fishing line for traps and use it for fishing lures for fishing in the water
    a lighter is good because if u run out of gas u still have a spark created
    the smart nath8760
    is here

  10. brit6171

    The objects I would bring on a deserted island would be...
    3.first aid kit

    1. I would bring a rope so I would have an object to build with. 2. I would bring a tent so I would have shelter to be protected in,relax in and sleep in. 3. I would also bring a first aid kit so in case I got cut I would have bandages to patch me up. 4. I would also bring a lighter so I could start a fire so I would be warm. 5. I would also bring a knife because I would have a weapon if something went after me and would also have a knife to cut anything I might possibly need to.

  11. noah6130
    1. first aid kit because it has stuff in case you are injured
    2. fishing line and lure to fish and create traps
    3. lighter to start fires
    4. hatchet as a weapon and to cut down trees
    5. survival kit because it would have a knife and other things to help you survive

  12. Sean6100
    1. I would bring an ax. An ax would be good to get wood so I can have a half decent shelter and in case I get attacked or for hunting.
    2. I would bring duct tape. Duct tape mixed with sticks, herbs, berries and leaves make a really good first aid kit and is better for environment.
    3. I would bring a flint and steel. I would use it for fire and for cooking and it is better for the environment than lighters and more reliable than matches.
    4. I would bring a tarp. A tarp can be used for shelter and warmth.
    5. I would bring a really good swiss army knife. The swiss army knife would be used as an all around tool and to cut food.

  13. I would bring rope to help make a shelter.
    A mechete to chop wood.
    Flint and steel to make a fire.
    A pot to boil water and cook food.
    A tarp to keep me dry.

  14. big back-pack with clothes and personal items and flash-light, tooth paste with tooth brush, hair brush.
    2.another big back-pack with food water and a fishing pole (even tho I HATE fish) well with like the things you need to fish with :P a pet monkey and snake.
    3. another large vacation bags with Lauren and Naomi and Jenna and all there stuff in it! :)
    4. a bag with more rope tarps and sticks(to make a shelter with also more Water and food lots of wood and rocks to have a Fire with.
    5. My family and pets because I love them<3

  15. food
    i would bring my phone to stay in contact and blankets for warmth.
    i would use fire for a lot of thing, and use knive to cut things and protection.

  16. 1 machete
    2 mirror
    3 tarp
    4 fresh water
    5 rope
    I would bring machete for cutting down trees and for hunting. mirror because lighter would run out and matches could get wet and run out. tarp for protection and shelter. fresh water so I don't get dehydrated. rope so I could build a raft. paig1440

  17. I would not bring anything but me and some string, clothes, a knife, anything else i would get on the island because i was stranded on an island before because a plane crash. It lasted for 2 years. Was not a big deal i had contact with Family