Sunday, June 16, 2013

Yearly Reflection

The school year is almost over, and it is time to reflect a little bit.

In your opinion, have you grown and changed since the beginning of this school year?  If so, what changes and/or discoveries have you made about yourself this year?  What do you think caused this change or discovery?

If you do not think you have experienced personal growth or discovered anything new about yourself, why not?  Did you resist change, or did this occur by accident?  Is there anything you would change now?  It is never too late.

Once you have posted your response, read the responses posted by your peers and reply thoughtfully to at least two other students.  Compliment strong points, make connections, ask questions and build on ideas shared!

Mr. Boettger  :-)


  1. Im rory6180.
    This year, i think i have become more responsible with timelines and have been more involved in class.

    1. did you change since the beginning of the year??

  2. I did see some changes like I'm more taller than last yaer and I can tip more fast. Another thing is that I'm more strong and faster.

    By JAME6080

  3. niko6150 1) the thing that changed about me is sports im getting better every year.

  4. Yes i have made some discoveries about myself one of them is that reading can be fun if you have a good enough book.


  5. Cory6190
    I think that I did under go change and I think I gained confedence becuase of my friends. I also think that I learned a lot of new things and more involved in class games and made some good friends.

  6. Yes I have changed because I have expanded who I hang out with from mostly hanging out with two people to hanging out with a larger group. The reason this change occered was because I would miss out on things because I didn't talk to other people enough.

    I have also grown because I don't care as much what other people think I just act and do what I want (within reason) and if someone doesn't like it then I don't nessasarially need to change for them. This change occered because I learned that I should do what makes me happy and not worry what everyone else thought.

    I've also had more confidence in my work and been able to share it more than I would have last year.


  7. I think I have changed since the beginning of this year because I have made new friends that have changed me. My math has gotten much better.

  8. To be honest i learned a lot of things which i didn't know before. Like how to spell words easier and how to express yourself on paper. What caused the discoveries were the mornings when we got inside after the bell and had to do spelling, creative writing, reading response etc. Thanks Mr. B, for all the help this year. :)

  9. i think this year i got better at sports like hockey and baseball.

  10. jasm5730
    In the beginning of the year i wasn't that good at math, but i think I've gotten better at it.I think this has made me like math a lot more.