Sunday, June 23, 2013

You've Won!

Hello my trusty Grade 7's!

Pretend you are winning an award for doing outstanding work at school (congratulations by the way!).  Write an acceptance speech thanking everyone who helped you be a good student.  Don't forget to add in some advice for future students on what it takes to be successful.  Your acceptance speech should be approximately one paragraph long.

I look forward to reading your paragraphs!

Mr. Boettger  :-)


  1. niko6150 thanks to all my teachers, and all my class mates. for helping me become the student i am now. and for futer generation to sit strait ald eyes @ the teacher

  2. Hello everybody.
    I want to thank all of you for this, but first, a select few. My fruiends for having my back, my teacher for guiding me throughout the year, abd my family for always being there. For future generations, the best way to be the best is to always try, in any thing your doing. Never settle for the minimum, always go higher. Nothing is impossible, only7 difficult.


  3. hi everyone and good evening i jast want to say thak youn to my teacher for honoring with this award.i wouild also like to say thank you to mrs. mcmurdo for helping with volenteer events that i was in.even knowing i have only been here for 2 years they have been the best. to following students work hard and i will feel bad for you to have mr. boettger LOL mr.b :)



  4. I would like to thank everybody who helped me to get this award. Like the teachers, parents and friends. I do have some advice for people who will get a turn to achieve this award. Do your best on everything and believe in yourself.
    When I didn't know what to do I would believe that I could do it, or I would ask for help. But I also thought sometimes that I couldn't do it and always tried to give up. But my friends, teachers and family would encourage me to keep going. So thanks to Every One!!!

  5. Cory6190 here and I want to thank the academy and my mom she really helped, I also want to thank mr. Boettger, and my friends. tou are probably wondering how I became what I am today. Well it was a lot of practice and hard work and learning yes, learning. Thank you

  6. I wanna thank, Mr. Boettger for teaching me some of the work I know. Without his help, I wouldn't be at the level I am right now. I would also like to thank my friends for supporting me through all tought times and getting me back on track on my work. This is such an honer to win this award and I cannot thakn-you enough.

    - Laur0980

  7. I would like to thank my mom for not pushing me at all, thanks mom! I would also like to send out a message for future students.... Do the best you can... Thats all.

  8. I would just like to say thank you for this award! And I could not have got this if I didn't have my great teacher Mr.Boettger and the help of my class mates. I have had a great time at Wyevale so far and I hope my last year goes as well as these years have. I think that if everyone keeps trying hard they will get where they want someday so don't give up!

  9. Thank you for electing me for this award, I will never forget this moment. I would like to thank (people) for helping me and ecouraging me on this experience.

  10. My speech is about how my friends and I stick together no matter what happens. I had a lot of help from my friends dealing with all the sickness and death that happened in my family and close friends this year. I had lots of help from Mr. Boettger in keeping me on task and teaching me lots of interesting facts and also made learning fun! He helped me with strategies in high jump too and this helped me become much better.

    By jame6080

  11. thank you, thank you. it is an hounour to win the best student award for our school this year. i just want to thank , mr. boetter (especially) and mr. price for pushing me to do my best in all of the things that i do. my advice for future award winners is that you should LISTEN to what the teachers say even if you dont want to. it comes in handy, trust me. i want to thank everyone again for this award.
    thanks! paig1440

  12. Sean6100
    If I won that award this would be my speech:
    Thank you for this award. I would like to thank my mother, my father, my teacher and textbooks. Because without any of them and the textbooks I wouldn't of won this award. Once again, I would like to say my thanks.

  13. i would like to thank lots of people my mom my dad my friends but mostly i would like to thank Mr.Boettger for encouraging me to do the best i can and be the best person i can be.

  14. well thank nyou very much. i would like to thank all of my teacher up to this point and also my parents friends and family for helping me and keeping me on track to help me get to the place i am in today. it was not easy but i worked at it and worked at it and luckly it has come. well thank you very much. greg6091

  15. mich5834

    I'm So thankful that I got this award ;) I wanna thank my mommy to push me in to pay attention in class and I wanna thank Mr. Boettger For being my awesome teacher and try to make me smart and I wanna thank all my friends for being there when I really needed them the most and If I missed anyone I thank you too!:D

  16. I would like to thank you for this honour. I would also like to take this oportounity to thank all the wonderful people who helped me to achivie and strive to do my best. Mr. Boettger, my wonderful teacher who helped me to do my best, my mom, dad and step-dad, who encouraged me to work hard and all my friends, who always encouraged me. To all the other students out there, I would like to say, always try your hardest and do your best. You may not see the point or enjoy it right now, but you'll be thankful you worked hard in the long run. Once again thank you for this award and I am truly grateful to all you who encouraged me.