Sunday, June 23, 2013

Favourite Novel

It is almost the end of the year and I am looking for some feedback.  I read seven (!) novels to you this year - and I would like to know which one was your favourite.

This week's task is as follows:

1.  Vote on which book you liked the most.  Not what your friends liked - YOU.
2.  In the comments section, tell me the novel you chose and why you liked it the most.   Then give me your favourite part or least favourite part from that novel.

Thanks for your feedback.  I appreciate it.

Mr. Boettger  :-)


  1. I liked the whole Silverwing series the most because I liked how in the first 2 books they were about Shade and the last one is Shade's son Griffin. I also like how in all the books the author brings back Goth and Throb(in the last one for Throb). My favourite part was in the book Sunwing, when Shade finds his dad, and I also like how Marina asked Shade to be her mate and not Chinook.

  2. IM rory6180.
    my favourite part in sunwing was when shade fooled Goth with the echo progection at the temple.

  3. I voted for Sunwing. My favourite part was when the vampirom were making the sacrifices.

  4. I enjoyed all of the because i personally think mr. Boettger has an amazing reading voice!!

  5. I liked all of the books you read to us because they were all very adventurous and exciting. All of the books left us wondering things and made us think what might happen next, to me when this happens I know they are good books!

  6. jasm5730
    My favorite book is "the bully boys" because there was a lot of action, my favorite part was when Issac Brock died because it was devastating.

  7. mich5843

    I liked them all except the "Bully Boys" because I found that all the other ones had more excitement and more action to it and like the Silverwings were about bats like if I just noticed it in the library I most likely wouldn't of picked it up and read it so I'm glad you read it :) I found it very funny at parts and interesting but in the Bully Boys I found It kind of boreing It was kind of interesting but not a type of book I would read but airborn and silverwing there front cover got my eye and attention. I just liked the other ones ALOT more!

  8. Sean6100
    I picked Sunwing as my favourite out of those books. I liked it because to me, it had the most action and had a much more deep plot to it than all the other books. My favourite part was when Shade found his father. My least favourite part was probably when Shade was trapped in that box in the plane.

  9. I liked The Airborn series the most because it was adverterous and exciting and made you think hard. It also delt with discrimanation against women and tied in actual events and made up senarios to explain things (like the missing nose on the sfinx).

    My favourite part in the novels was when Matt went to get water in skybreaker and Kate came with him and him and Kate talked about Hale Slater and Kate and such.


  10. I liked the whole Silverwing series because there were lots of details in them all. My most favourite part of the series was when Shade and Marina had Griffin

  11. I like all the books but the bully boys but there was no option for that so i just clicked i like all of the books.I like all the silver-wing series and all the air-born series... my Favorite part in air-born when Matt and Katie got Engaged And my And my favorite part in silver-wing is when marina asked shade to be her mate and they had a son named Griffen.Trin5850